Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy times poncho

I've been working on this piece for over a year, not that is any hard, up to here it took me about 6 hours work. It's made of pabilo, 90% cotton 10% acrylic fiber, a very popular one we use here for any purpose, including tying the "hallacas" in December, our traditional Christmas meal.

Followed the instructions on the pattern, which is originally a girls poncho, but didn't want the body of it as in the pattern, a mesh, wanted something more covering, the two previous ones crocheted by me are, and I'm quoting one of my coworkers "a colander" lol Very fashionable but don't stop the cold.

So in my adaptation it should be a ticker stitch, the one I chose for that purpose is Tunisian crochet, it will look like this (in white).

Now don't ask me how it will turn out at the end; the lower part, the "flowery" squares are loose and twirly, the Tunisian part is rigid... Let's see how the experiment results!

For now I'm working on the edging, five dc shells, and also on the body, that should be two rectangles then attached to the lower part and will also have the shells on the upper edges, plus a cute green bow...

To end this post, here's a teaser of something sent. Been cross stitching but mostly for gifts and exchanges so I can't show the whole pictures yet.

Happy crocheting!


Annie said...

I never know how to modify crochet patterns. This should be interesting to watch as it takes shape.

I love Tunisian crochet. It s was called the afghan stitch when I learned it and I did once make an afghan using it. Goes really fast.

Wendy said...

The crochet poncho looks very nice. Love the colors of it too.