Saturday, May 23, 2009

Painting with paint

This time didn't use threads for my craft. Kathe and I are working on Paola's First Holy Communion keepsakes. We're painting small wooden boxes, they have angels on the top, will be in rainbowy pastels. For now we started with the pink ones, her favorite color.

Today poor Kathe was in charge of sanding all the boxes, coating them with the white base and transferring the design to the tops. I got to do the fun part, adding the color and painting the angels! We'll fill them with sugar figures, hears and stars, with matching colors; that and also the cards are another of Kathe's tasks. I'll be painting over the week..

Here's how our workstation looks. I'll have this mess until next weekend when we hope they'll be finish.

And this are the drafts, it's important to practice the designs a before painting the boxes, specially the bottoms. My hand is not so steady so the lines area little crooky.

And this are the first three finished, now there's only 19 to go...

Tomorrow will be finishing something for an exchange at bbinteractive, also will be working on my poncho, the shell border is ready, the body is going along nicely, as Annie commented on the previous post, one of the beauties of Tunisian stitch is that it works fast.

Now off to read your blogs. Thanks for reading mine!


Annie said...

What sweet little boxes. Really ambitious of you to attempt 19! But it will be so worth it to see the looks on their faces.

Josi said...

Achei muito lindo!
Quero agradecer a visita e palavras de conforto!