Saturday, May 30, 2009

Post office day and something more

I'm not sure how Post Offices in the rest of the world work. Here I've been blessed with such nice postal workers, problem is that they depend on Postal System... The system went down on Thursday, and was still down yesterday afternoon. Now the big question is, how can't they just take the packages and fill a form, write down the stamps they sold and then take them down the inventory afterwards when the system is up again?

Got really frustrated because I wanted Pirjo's bbinteractive swap to go before the deadline... It's a scissor case and a matching fob. Don't know why but the weirdest things had happened with it, first, the fabric I was working with, imported, you know I don't get nice ones here, went missing. Now, ask me how a fabric can be missing in a three bedroom home, where one room is dedicated to the crafts and everything should be in there. I was about to cry when I remembered that I took it to mom's on the days of the quakes, I was staying there. She looked over and under and didn't find it, I turned everything upside down here and couldn't find it either. While sleeping a bright idea came to my mind: maybe is hid on the suitcase I took, got up to check and... nope, it wasn't there. Then the next day I saw the emergency case (a small one that's always beside my front door, to take out in case of a big quake, with a few things for three days, as we were instructed), checked that out, the thingy went into a T-shirt, great! The set was saved!!! It had it ready since Tuesday, but then Wednesday wanted to arrange things neatly and make a small card, bad idea, if I just had tossed things in and wrote on a piece of paper things would have been flying by now LOL

But to ease my frustration I had Kay's package waiting for me and also a lovely thank you note from Anastasia, love bees!!!

Kay made an Ornie for our wXSw Summer exchange. Now is on the wall in front of my computer, a reminder that I need to take some time for me and go to the beach, at least for a day! She still has to get what I did for her...

She also hand made a lovely beaded scissor fob, it's funny that it has a few of my favorite things: tiny flowers, a butterfly (they're my Totem) and two strawberries (tiny one, large one), my favorite fruit!

And for stash she sent me a snowman chart, love it! I already planned to make it into a pillow for my brother and his wife, they are very patriotic and I'm sure they'll appreciate something new to display on July 4th.

To end the post, here's the progress of the 22 boxes (Yep, Annie, not a mistake! 19 + 3 that are already done). Now I'll go and sit to work on them so they'll be ready tomorrow the latest. Kathe is working on the sugar and the cards. I wanted to participate on the Spring Pantry challenge at bbinteractive, but I guess godmotherly duties will keep me from it. Too bad, Was planning on stitching it on the minty green aida Courtnet sent me. Well, still will be doing it, like the Autumn pantry, didn't made it on time for the challenge but I have a wall on my dinning room waiting for them. What I have to decide is wheter I'll frame them together or individually...

Now off to add details, lights and shades to my little angels. Have a blessed weekend!


Angela P said...

Postal frustrations abound here in Canada too, mostly to do with the high cost of postage but what do you do :) Lovely LK summer exchange you rec'd!

Ellen said...

Lovely exchange! I like your painted boxes.


starydreamer said...

im so glad you like the gifts i nade for you
hugs kay xxxx

Annie said...

You and your post office woes. I'm amazed you continue to stay positive about doing exchanges. But it pays off when you do get such nice things.

The boxes are looking good!

Pike said...

Can't wait to get my scissors case and fob!!!