Friday, May 15, 2009

Raked and a lit'l bit more

You know Nina made some of us show our scissors to everyone, as I said I had to adapt ones meant for other uses because in my country embroidery things are hard to find (with the noble exception of plain color floss).

Well, Tara, from bbinteractive chose me for her RAK. She sent a delightful pair of embroidery scissors, I was ecstatic when I opened the package and saw it. She also sent a gorgeous bordeaux thread and the an artistic butterflies card. Thank you Tara, I'm happy I have my first real embroidery scissors!!!

Also got a package from Alexia, a thank you for the tin I did for her. She sent a lovely Mary Englebreit stationary, two booklets with the cutest charts for my mentoring, a beautiful, colorful and cheerful fabric and a beaded scissors fob, of course there was an elegant flowery card. Thank you Alexia! Your surprise cheered me up!

I attached the scissors fob to the embroidery scissors right away, I think if they ever met and talk about it, the pieces wouldn't match so perfectly, sometimes matches are made in heaven.

Last, let me tell you two angels arrived, from Brooke Nolan's site I ordered this two beautiful charts, the come with the perforated paper and Mill Hill beads needed for the project.

Aren't they just gorgeous??? Thanks Brooke! Great customer service!

Well, now off to stitch, need to finish my items for the bbinteractive swap: scissors case and fob. Also have to start my LK exchange piece and progress with the PIF's.

Have a blessed, stitching weekend!


Annie said...

Wow.. the mail was really good to you. Enjoy all your new playthings.

Jenn's Crafty World said...

Love your mail! Let us know how the Brooke's Books charts go: I have some of her stuff on my (extremely long!) wishlist, and am curious how they work up.
Have a great day!