Friday, May 1, 2009

Sugary day

May 1st we celebrate "Workers Day". In Venezuela it's a free day, we mostly give a small tribute to those who work as cleaning staff, construction workers, and such. Because most professionals have their own day.

My school has been blessed with a wonderful cleaning and maintenance staff. When I was doing my Vice-principal duties, they were enormously supportive with me. Still they greet us in the mornings with a big smile and a cup of coffee, they cook breakfast for us so we can have a hot meal in the mornings (it's cold there). So, as a very small tribute to them I made sugar figures: hearts and stars.

The colored ones are plain, the white one is flavored with vanilla and also has sparkles.

The cards say: "Thanks for sweeten my mornings. Happy day", for the women and "Thanks for your helping hand. Happy day" for men.

They're the easiest thing to do, my gift for you, also hard workers, is the recipe. Here's what you need:

I dissolve the drop of coloring on the tablespoon water, or more if I want them to be darker. Then add it to the cup of sugar (it's a good idea to mix it an a bowl), the consistence should resemble wet sand. Then the mix is pressed on the molds, tight so they won't fall apart, let it set for a minute and place it on a flat surface to dry (about 24 hours), then you have this cuties:

Have a nice day!!!! This is an automatic delivery, now I'm out somewhere...

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Annie said...

Sandra, that is such a thoughtful little gift. I'm sure the staff will be very appreciative. You are just a storehouse of clever ideas!