Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hunny Bunny

I joined Ravelry a few weeks ago, it's a great site for crocheters and knitters. Among my groups there's Amigurumi Army, and this month's mission was to do an Amigurumi Bunny. Well, here is mine, meet Hunny Bunny.

I was not so sure about the details, like the tail, was debating whether to do it as a pompom or crochet it, then decided to crochet it and to keep the shape and give stability to it, inserted a marble.

I wanted long, long ears and big feet. You can see how the ears are oversized, longer than the bunny's height. The feet have three toes, but I had a little technichal difficulty attaching them and now they are also a little bended lol

The final detail was whether to attach a ribbon, a carrot or a beret. I wanted a boy, so the beret was the way to go... It needed another detail, the white beret alone was too plain, then the bright idea of a matching red star came to my mind, he's a General!

Cool, now Pichi, my purple bird, is not alone anymore!

Thank you for the nice comments on my Ipod cozy and Baby Rainbow, they're appreciated, always make me smile. Stitching hugs!!!


Annie said...

What a cutie! Ravelry is a great place for ideas, isn't it?

sue said...

hunny is so sweet .... she has character !

Charlene said...

Wonerful stitching on the case and fob - I know she is tickled.