Friday, June 19, 2009

It rained...

On WWKIP day we were suppose to gather in a public park. By the time I got to Caracas, where the park is, it was raining, so we decided to have lunch and wait in a mall. Of course, we had to do something on the meant¡me...

I showed up with my crocheted poncho, what could be more appropriate? lol My work was the Happy Times Poncho, can't hardly wait to see it finished.

These are the scrubbies I did for my fellow crocheters. Of course they said those were too fancy for dishes, and would probably end up as doilies (Trini's husband took hers and placed it on a shelf lol) . But I do like washing the dishes with a fancy cloth. Plus, it's great for the hands!

Here's Kathe with her favorite:

If you're wondering, we didn't make it there, ate sushi and hunted for a new stash shop... Guess will have to wait until next year.

Happy weekend!

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Irishenchantment said...

looks like you all had a nice time :)