Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some things are just meant to be

Some things happens in the weirdest ways, nothing like you have it planned but at the end it all works out for the best.

At bbinteractive we recently had a scissor's case and fob swap. I stitched for Pirjo, in Finland, my plan was to make it way before the deadline because it was the first time I was going to send something there and wasn't sure how long would it take. The first thing that happened was that the fabric I was working on got lost... Yep, and I hadn't cut the piece for the lining and the fob... Thank God I found it inside the emergency briefcase, remember all those quakes on my town? I got so ready that even had stitching implements there...

Then two days before deadline the PO system crashed... So I was able to mail it the day after deadline.

But now it's there and she's happy with it. Here you have:

If you want a better picture go to Pirjo's album, and also delight on her stitching, she's very talented.

As I was working on the Amigurumi, was thinking what to do with it, because no matter that they are so cute, I like to give them a purpose. So today Hunny Bunny was up for adoption, he went to my friend Magaly, her favorite color is red, so I couldn't help to think it was perfect for her as I was stitching. Here we are at Carnaval's parade this year (it's something like Mardi Grass).

She fell in love with the creature, even thought his ears are so long that he could trip by stepping on them lol Yesterday Roberto, one of my grown students saw it and asked why the feet were kind of twisted, my response is simple, he's a special bunny, we all are different. And Kenny, our star secretary asked me today why he had such a face, I told him that the bunny was eating lemon instead of carrots lol Anyway Hunny is in a good home now.

Last, I'm working on a pair of socks, because this is now crochet season, with socky winds. Sometimes is bags, other times scarves; now, my first time socks with heel!

First day progress:

Second day progress:

Seems I got a new fever lol

Until next time, happy stitching!!!


Annie said...

Gorgeous scissors case. Love those colors.

Glad you found a loving home for your little critter. I like your on-the-spot answers to those unexpected kids' questions.

So the toe sock is now a 1/2 foot sock. Great progess.

Pike said...

I love the scissors case and fob, the colours are gorgeous and your stitches so fine and tiny :) Thank you so much, I do hope mine will be there soon!

Mylene said...

Great job on the scissorcase and fob, they both looks lovely.

Little Rabbit Miniatures said...

beautifully made! I would love to see some amigurumi! Hugs

sue said...

nice colour .. the socks .. you get infected by me eh? hee hee

the scissors keep is fab!