Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My witch's hair

My mom says every woman in my family has a witch's hair on her head. We are very intuitive and have a sense to predict things to happen.

Yesterday I was on chat with Sue, and asked her if she got the card I sent for her birthday, she said "not a glimpse of it" lol Just after I logged of the mailman honk in front of her house... Yep, with my package!!!

I played a little mischief, because I told her it was just a card, but I also made a small present. She loves to crochet, and does it perfectly as you can see on her blog. Her amigurumi fever it's catchy, I got it from her. So decided to make a hook carrier for her. And it was on the non sewing machine era, so it was all hand sewn. I liked it a lot, a friend told me to keep it lol My friends want me to keep everyting, or better keep it themselves lol

Well, here it is:


The pocket is useful for the yarn, the pattern is from Krochet Krystal Charity Daisy Square.


Inside, with hooks attached:

Velcro, was attached hand sewn:

And to make it funkier, the velcro has a flower that also makes it easier to handle (open and close):

It was fun to do, happy belate birthday Sue!!!


Annie said...

Great gift idea. I always find velcro hard to sew through. Maybe newer stuff is easier. I gave up on it a long time ago. But yours really worked out well.

It's nice to have crocheted embellishments on a crochet tool carrier!

sue said...

really really really GREAT gift idea indeed. sandra really got more than one witch hair on her head for i was longing to have a hook carrier/keeper but too lazy to make one for me.lol and here it came flew from the other side of the world!boy! i'm so lucky at my age of 35! haha

love every single inch of it! thank you sandra! you did a great job on it! ah! and the card too... love it!