Sunday, July 12, 2009

A relaxing, happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday! Today I'll be crafting all day long. I learned something craft wise that would like to share with the newbies:
  1. Always get your bobbin to the store when you're planning to get more, they're not standard.
  2. If you're learning a new technique, let's say knitting in the round, start with a real project and buy materials from the list.
You'll see why:

A couple of weeks ago, got five bobbins for my sewing machine, because it came with only two, so I had to wait until one of them had no thread in it to charge it with a different color lol Well, mine are plastic, transparent, I saw plastic, transparent bobbins on a store and got them! Well, they're the same diameter but slightly smaller on the edges, like curvy towards the inside, they can't be filled on my filler... So yesterday went to the store with the original, they didn't had it in plastic but they're equal in all sides!!! Hope it works! Guess the smaller ones will be useful to store ribbons or crochet thread left overs, I'll see.

I think should also make me an organizer for both threads and bobbins, there's this plan to expand the collection.Anyway, also got a few different colors of thread because all I got was black, navy blue and white... See what I'm talking about on the picture:

Wanted to learn to knit with circular needle, so at the same store yesterday, ask for them, the plan was to get a few in different sizes... They were way too expensive so I chose one, this were my words: "give me a big one so the knitting will go faster" ROTFL I don't think it could be more absurd!

The girl gave me a size 7, I was happy with it, until I got home. Just to practice casted on a few stitches and didn't know how to go along... Googled it and there were some tutorials, fantastic! Except that then I realized my needle was 27 inches long (80 cm), I could do a skirt with it! All I wanted to do was socks, legwarmers and a couple of fingerless gloves!!! lol Distraction, well guess will have to find a nice bag patttern, that's big enough for a bag, isn't it?

So this is my plan for the day:
  1. Not answering the phone.
  2. Fill the sewing machine bobbins with different colors.
  3. Doing Sara's lunch bag and placemat.
  4. Finishing my LK exchange piece.
  5. Doing square 11 for my Colorful Lapghan.
  6. Finish the hand made bobbins for my cross stitch floss.
  7. If I still have time left: finishing Paola Sofia's baby blanket or whaterver it will be...
Talking about the lapghan, Ravelry has been awesome help with it, I'm in a monthly square CAL group, from there I've got patterns for squares 8 to 10. They're on the slide show, but guess you can see them better here:

Wish you a happy and relaxing Sunday too!

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Ranae said...

Have a wonderful day of crafting, sounds like fun