Friday, July 24, 2009

A wedding

Hi all. I've been pretty busy, my University students are finishing their semester and it's their last. So it's been all about their projects and paper work for graduation. Plus, at school, we've been on a series of courses, most of them all day. It means my stitching time it's been reduced to very little. At home, had worked on the LK, which will fly away next Monday. Hope my partner likes it, but can't give out any details, it's top secret stuff. Picture at the top is my beloved "extraterrestrial" bromelia, she decided to bloom after 3 years; it has nothing to do with the post, but I just had to show it to the world.

Also my sis Kathe is getting married, tomorrow is the civil wedding, the church one will be in December. So I've been trying to help her out with all that has to be done. We've been shopping for fabrics and the centerpieces, also went to search for the rings, so Rafa (the groom) would know which ones she liked... Of course past weekend was her last one as a single woman, so Mireya and I put up a surprise for her. It was Mireya's idea to take her to a fancy restaurant in El Hatillo, where she lived the best of her single days. But the crazy sister wanted to eat a baked potato at Wendy's near where we were shopping, gave me a hard time hiding the surprise rotfl. Here she is, unaware of the surprise:

The notebook she is holding is the wedding log, has everything written down, which is a great idea because she shouldn't trust my memory. Then I was able to convince her to go to El Hatillo, because I missed it so much lol And here we are eating desssert:

Too bad I didn't shot a picture of the fondue when it got all flamy, it would be the proof that her bachelorette party was a hot one lol

Then we walked through El Hatillo, it's a town with many colorful stores, mostly with handcrafts stores and typical stuff. Here are two pictures from the single days:

At Hansi, the largest handcrafts store, we played around, tried some hats for the wedding lol

The bride:

Bride and bride's maid:

That is in case she can convince us to be part of the bride's maids:

Me under the sea:

To end the day with a golden bow, we went to a new chocolate artisan's shop. There we got lavender, pistacchio, hot pepper, Bailey's, Earl Grey, passion fruit and some other chocolates. Delicious!

This is a crafts blog, have to show a little of what's being going on the crochet front. At school recess and on the bus, subway and cars been crocheting, a slow progress on my happy times poncho, and also been working on a bag from a free pattern on Ravelry, Inga kindly provided. My version is a rainbowy bag, think it'll be small, abot 24 cm tall, but that's good for me. Here's the first square:

The yarn for the squares:

And the yarn to tie the squares:

That's all for today. I'm keeping my count down to August 1st, really need the rest :o) Think then will be my next post.

Happy stitching! Thanks for reading my ramble thoughts lol


Annie said...

A wedding in the family... that must be a dream for a crafter like you. I bet you'll think of kinds of fun things to make for that.

Looks you had a great day. Those chocolates look fabulous!

Pretty colors for your bag. Very cheery!

Pat Winter said...

Congratulations to your sis! You are all so beautiful!!!
Your sweet Comfort Dolls arrived and I wanted to thank you again for your continued support. I love their little messages and names. Very pretty little ladies for special women.
Thanks again dear friend.
Smiles,Pat WInter