Monday, August 31, 2009

Girly patchwork

If it can qualify as such. I'm not sure, but I did it with scraps of fabric and added embellishments, so maybe it does. Remember SMO 12 days of Christmas SAL from 2008? Well, it was lying on my UFO box, now it's done! Here is on my favorite chair...

Even though I'm not a big fan of pink, I'm delighted with this little thingy! I even used my ultra expensive flower torchon (don't know the word for it in English). Bad thing is now I need to slip cover the big sofa in a better color (it's a hand me down from my aunt, the colors really don't match, I want a light color so I can place all the new cushions I'll be doing) and also the foot stool, which I can easily do.

While stitching it, I realized the floor is too cold for Goyo, so did a small cushion for him (no embellishments lol), he always is running after the sun, just look how tiny the sun ray is and still he's there. Also, as all pets are alike their owners, he likes to play with the sewing machine cords, now I have to out them up. And at the end he seemed to like the cushion, lokk at him on it lol

And last, I have three colors down on "A home for all seasons", it's been nice to stitch at nights with a cup of tea while listening to an audiobook, Heidy for the fifth time lol Then it'll be A little Princess, just want to fill my head with nice stories with happy endings...

Happy stitching week!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

From UFO to FO

Hi! I've been spending a lot of time on my craft room, as we get back to school on September 16th *sight* my vacations again flew, and I haven't even gone to the beach. Anyway, crafting is the best choice to enjoy this holiday time. BTW good news, the thingy on my breast just disappeared, so no need for biopsy or surgery, nor anything else, just have to be back for follow up in six months. Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers :o)

Back to the stitching room. Found so many UFO's that decided to finish at least one every two days, I mean the stitching part is done, so... What's keeping me from finish those???

This one was from San-Man 12 days of Christmas 2008, exclusive for San-Man board members... A lovely pattern, but the thread I chose is awful to work with, metallics, just that all the sparkles makes me think all the effort was worth.

Did a small pillow, but I feel like there's something missing, maybe I should add some tassel on the corners, a bow at the top or some fringe around... Not sure yet, I'll think about it over the next few days. The fabric is stretch corduroy, but the picture doesn't make justice to the color, is like a deep acqua.

Also been getting ready for school. At last found a perfect lunch box (at least it seems so). I will start teaching on another University on the afternoons (not sure how many yet) , but that means I need to carry breakfast and lunch. The school is under repair, so no cafeteria (we call it "cantina"), anyway I don't like their food. This one is large enough, it's insulated with a very resistant lining, perfectly washable, has an outside pocket for treats and it's my favorite color lol Could it be better? Just need a cuttlery set, been looking for a nice one with no luck, perhaps next week have better luck.

Had to sew some matching place mats, for now three is enough. Didn't make them with lining or backing fabric because it would have add too much weight. My favorite is the Japanese-like fabric.

On the lapghan front, there was a tie for the joining yarn. So I went to Ravelry to ask the same, black yarn won. When was tying them, didn't like some of them, so got them out of the picture. I'm doing more to replace them, but I like better this new color scheme.

One thing, maybe I should back it with fleece, because it's too light, and from October to March the temperature drops a lot. Actually I was testing it and even for this "summer" it's not enough.

Tomorrow I'll do the chores didn't do today (I was finishing a UFO, it's a perfectly valid reason! lol). If there's some spare time will try my first patchwork cushion... Wish me luck!

Happy weekend!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bags galore

Hey there! I've been crocheting and sewing. My two goddaughters had their birthdays this months. So I made bags for them. Also "defrosted" my eco bag project, the one I was doing for my comadre Katiuska, Paola's mom.

Here's what I did for Camila's 5th birthday. Also gave her a little surprise by decorating a cupcake and lighting a sparly candle. She was thrilled, my impression is she liked the cupcake better than the bag lol

And this one's is Pao's, she turned 11, a little lady now, sniff... Did a small purse because she carries money and some personal items. The flowers were crocheted with nº 10 crochet thread. Love the fabric, printed stretch corduroy, very fancy!

And this is Katy's eco bag, thanks to Ravelry (God bless!) I found the lost pattern and was able to finish it, also had to use a matching yarn because I got short of the one that started the bag. But, important lesson I forgot, is always make pairs along side each other, otherwise they might end up with different sizes, like the bottom and pocket medalions. Good thing is that I could solve it by placing the button (one gorgeous leaf hand made by Michelle) in the middle instead of the edge. You can only notice the difference when is open, but not when it's full, and believe me, it does carry a lot of weight, look what I used to test it! Other personalization was that I added a cord to close the top, because it turned out as a boat LOL

My project for the next few days is to start the Angel Annie sent me a while ago... Now I have everything, even behaved myself and finished the bobbins I needed to conveniently storage the floss... Will be a cushion when finished.

To end the post I have to share this. I like eco living, while it's not possible in this country to do it as efficently as it should, I try to do my best. So was doing compost for my plants, don't know what I did wrong, or in this case turned out to be right, but discovered a weird plant on my medicinal oregano pot, well, it's a potato plant! LOL God bless, life gets through everything.

Happy stitching!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

With a little twist

I finished Inga's bag with a little twist. It's a pattern found on Ravelry, by Inga Joana Mertens. For this project used Camila threads and a number 3 steel hook (1,25 mm).

My version is way too small, so the crocheted handles didn't fit well, besides I used 6 colors, too many for them, would have been too wide for the bag. Instead used a cord made with the same threads, twisted all together.

That way it can also be closed like an origami.

Another personalization was that instead of tying the squares facing the right sides I single crocheted them with wrong sides facing each other, so it created an extra texture.

It's strong enough to stand by itself...

It may look like a child's bag, but I love it!

Happy stitching!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lisa's box

Lisa, in California received the piece I stitched for her on Round 1st at Lizzie*Kate Exchange.

She seemed delighted with it, for the nice words I got from her to thank the box. She's a very busy, active and outdoorsy mom of two boys who play hockey. So I wanted something bright and vibrant for her. I was going for August flip it, time she would get it, but June seemed closer to her personality.

Then was what to do with it. I wanted a tote, to carry her stitching to the hockey practice. Then I was determined to add her favorite saying to the piece: "Live, love, stitch and laugh often", that's when the idea came, must be a wooden box, so I can paint the saying...

I like how it turned out, and to be honest, I like it better than the tote because I think it's an original way to finish a stitched piece *ahem* Sorry, couldn't help to brag a little lol

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lapghan going crazy

Hi there! I've been a little busy with medical appointments. Something is not well, there's a 1 cm mass on my right breast. The thingy has irregular edges, I've had four tests so far and on the 20th I'll have another ultrasound to determine the diagnose and decide what to do. It seems I'll have surgery, and depending on the biopsy results, I might need other treatment.

To keep me busy I've been crocheting like crazy. Finished two exchange pieces, but can't show them until they get to my partners. The rainbow squares bag needs just one more round, then I'll be able to put it together. On the lapghan front I 'm almost half way through, and really want to join the squares, but I have a big question, so there's a poll on the sidebar to help me decide. I'm not sure if I should go with black, white or colors, only one or several. This seems to be turning from lapghan to crazy quilt, but I kinda like it, even if at the end it seems like a collection of mismatched pieces lol

Well, please cast your vote, and do your annual mammogram.

Happy stitching!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Girly birdie and something new

July's mission at Amigurumi Army was a birdie along. Mine is a tiny girly birdie, no name because she will go to Carmen and she will have to name her.

She's only 4 cm tall

And fits on the palm of my hand
Girly as she is always wears a pink bow, courtesy of Sandy from Sanman Originals.

To end the school year, instead of a party, Clara taught us how to decorate plain rubber sandals.

But Raisa and me were late because we were working!!! So there was no place for us on the table, we shared a small one beside it.

This is how far I went that day

And now it looks like this
I'll sit to finish it tonight...

The knotting bug has bitten me, got some satin cords and experimented with it, did a little something for Mary, a friendship bracelet in the colors of peace...
And here she is wearing it, good thing I have a good eye for calculations lol
Now everyone wants one, so will be mentoring a class for all those willing to learn. Also got me 81 mts of satin cord to make a few for sale... Wish me luck!

Happy stitching!!!