Monday, August 24, 2009

Bags galore

Hey there! I've been crocheting and sewing. My two goddaughters had their birthdays this months. So I made bags for them. Also "defrosted" my eco bag project, the one I was doing for my comadre Katiuska, Paola's mom.

Here's what I did for Camila's 5th birthday. Also gave her a little surprise by decorating a cupcake and lighting a sparly candle. She was thrilled, my impression is she liked the cupcake better than the bag lol

And this one's is Pao's, she turned 11, a little lady now, sniff... Did a small purse because she carries money and some personal items. The flowers were crocheted with nº 10 crochet thread. Love the fabric, printed stretch corduroy, very fancy!

And this is Katy's eco bag, thanks to Ravelry (God bless!) I found the lost pattern and was able to finish it, also had to use a matching yarn because I got short of the one that started the bag. But, important lesson I forgot, is always make pairs along side each other, otherwise they might end up with different sizes, like the bottom and pocket medalions. Good thing is that I could solve it by placing the button (one gorgeous leaf hand made by Michelle) in the middle instead of the edge. You can only notice the difference when is open, but not when it's full, and believe me, it does carry a lot of weight, look what I used to test it! Other personalization was that I added a cord to close the top, because it turned out as a boat LOL

My project for the next few days is to start the Angel Annie sent me a while ago... Now I have everything, even behaved myself and finished the bobbins I needed to conveniently storage the floss... Will be a cushion when finished.

To end the post I have to share this. I like eco living, while it's not possible in this country to do it as efficently as it should, I try to do my best. So was doing compost for my plants, don't know what I did wrong, or in this case turned out to be right, but discovered a weird plant on my medicinal oregano pot, well, it's a potato plant! LOL God bless, life gets through everything.

Happy stitching!!!


Annie said...

What cute bags. Perfect gifts for the girls. And each with your personal touch.

Have fun with the angel. She takes a lot of stitches, but she's so worth it!

Little Rabbit Miniatures said...

Wonderful bags, fantastic gifts!

Kayla Kamp said...

Hey! I love your personal touch for each gift! I am actually working on the tuck away tote, but I'm wondering if I am doing it wrong. It has worked its way into a huge circle. I am on the last row but it still doesn't have the bag shape. Did I do something wrong?