Friday, August 28, 2009

From UFO to FO

Hi! I've been spending a lot of time on my craft room, as we get back to school on September 16th *sight* my vacations again flew, and I haven't even gone to the beach. Anyway, crafting is the best choice to enjoy this holiday time. BTW good news, the thingy on my breast just disappeared, so no need for biopsy or surgery, nor anything else, just have to be back for follow up in six months. Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers :o)

Back to the stitching room. Found so many UFO's that decided to finish at least one every two days, I mean the stitching part is done, so... What's keeping me from finish those???

This one was from San-Man 12 days of Christmas 2008, exclusive for San-Man board members... A lovely pattern, but the thread I chose is awful to work with, metallics, just that all the sparkles makes me think all the effort was worth.

Did a small pillow, but I feel like there's something missing, maybe I should add some tassel on the corners, a bow at the top or some fringe around... Not sure yet, I'll think about it over the next few days. The fabric is stretch corduroy, but the picture doesn't make justice to the color, is like a deep acqua.

Also been getting ready for school. At last found a perfect lunch box (at least it seems so). I will start teaching on another University on the afternoons (not sure how many yet) , but that means I need to carry breakfast and lunch. The school is under repair, so no cafeteria (we call it "cantina"), anyway I don't like their food. This one is large enough, it's insulated with a very resistant lining, perfectly washable, has an outside pocket for treats and it's my favorite color lol Could it be better? Just need a cuttlery set, been looking for a nice one with no luck, perhaps next week have better luck.

Had to sew some matching place mats, for now three is enough. Didn't make them with lining or backing fabric because it would have add too much weight. My favorite is the Japanese-like fabric.

On the lapghan front, there was a tie for the joining yarn. So I went to Ravelry to ask the same, black yarn won. When was tying them, didn't like some of them, so got them out of the picture. I'm doing more to replace them, but I like better this new color scheme.

One thing, maybe I should back it with fleece, because it's too light, and from October to March the temperature drops a lot. Actually I was testing it and even for this "summer" it's not enough.

Tomorrow I'll do the chores didn't do today (I was finishing a UFO, it's a perfectly valid reason! lol). If there's some spare time will try my first patchwork cushion... Wish me luck!

Happy weekend!!!

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Annie said...

Your're one busy little beaver. Great work. Love your pillow.

A new lunchbox.. just like a kid again!