Saturday, August 1, 2009

Girly birdie and something new

July's mission at Amigurumi Army was a birdie along. Mine is a tiny girly birdie, no name because she will go to Carmen and she will have to name her.

She's only 4 cm tall

And fits on the palm of my hand
Girly as she is always wears a pink bow, courtesy of Sandy from Sanman Originals.

To end the school year, instead of a party, Clara taught us how to decorate plain rubber sandals.

But Raisa and me were late because we were working!!! So there was no place for us on the table, we shared a small one beside it.

This is how far I went that day

And now it looks like this
I'll sit to finish it tonight...

The knotting bug has bitten me, got some satin cords and experimented with it, did a little something for Mary, a friendship bracelet in the colors of peace...
And here she is wearing it, good thing I have a good eye for calculations lol
Now everyone wants one, so will be mentoring a class for all those willing to learn. Also got me 81 mts of satin cord to make a few for sale... Wish me luck!

Happy stitching!!!


Ranae said...

Wow! you have been busy. You have made some wonderful colorful things
The chick is adorable.

Annie said...

Lots of cute things there. Looks like some techniques that work up much faster than our trusty x-stitch. Interesting bracelet and flip-flops. And the amigurumi is a sweetie.