Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A busy time

Hi all!!! Hope you're fine, I'd been visiting your blogs but have little time, wish I could spent more time and leave comments on all posts. Been back to work, and now have a new teaching position besides two two others... Will have to figure out how to do with my stitching, crocheting, knitting and sewing.

For now have three FO made for exchanges, but can only show them after my partners get it. One is a delightful scissor fob in Autumn colors. Don't worry, I'm not giving out any details, that's the name of the exchange lol The other two are crocheted headbands.

We're having training courses at school. Well, not at school, everything is too messy there, so we took this road up the mountain:

And went to a nearby coffee farm. We had a lot of fun, we laughed to tears when one of the workers asked Nora: -Are you really learning something there? We seemed too happy to be learning lol

This is the group's picture, if you wonder why I'm not in is not because I was taking the picture, I was drawn inside and they forgot about me, only noticed I wasn't there when it was downloaded on the computer lol

To make up for me, Yousis shot a picture with the nice view on the background...

The teacher/coach saw Sara's lunch bag and fell for it, so I made one for her, and we gave it to her as a thank you present along with beautiful roses. She was delighted! Of course there was a place mat to go with it.

To close, it has a wooden bead attached on one side:

And a bow with a loop (all in a multicolor ribbon) on the other. Two details I like: the lining isn't on the same beige, thought it would be too plain, instead chose a matching green. The "made with love charm" is a cute accent.

Even though it's not meant to hold heavy stuff, secured the handle.

Happy stitching!!!


Chiloe said...

A coffe house? What a nice place to learn !!!! and laugh ;-)

The bag is really really nice !!!

Annie said...

Not sure what they trained you to do there, but it does look like fun.

Very pretty bag. Cute idea to add a placemat.

With that busy schedule, be sure to take a little 'me' time. I can just imagine the potential for stress build-up!