Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Inge's dishcloth

Now that my Ravelry partner Inge, in Holland, has received her package I can show the picture. It was crocheted in rice stitch, it's so simple but I love the effect, makes a tight fabric perfect to dry the dishes and also beautiful to look at. That's one of my favorite crochet stitches.

I wanted to add a little something, but we are required to send only a postcard with our dishcloth. I asked the moderator permission to sew a little bag to hold the cloth and she said yes.

Wanted to customize the bag with her initial, found an alphabet on a Cross Country Stitching magazine with a tulip behind the "I", just what I wanted! A stitched tulip for a Holland lady.

Happy stitching!!!


Annie said...

So dishcloth mania has hit you too. Very nice package for your partner!

PJ said...

Hi! I linked your blog from the Lion's Brand crochet along! (only a few blogs I could see that actually had anything to do with CROCHET :) Then I saw your pillow you made your turtle!!! Your blog won my heart! I'll be back!