Sunday, September 20, 2009


Lionbrand is hosting a new CAL, this time Edie Eckman shared a motif pattern and she's leading it.

I went to shops trying to decide my color scheme, but didn't seem to be able to choose just three colors for the hexagons, plus I have a bag full of yarn (this is a cozy acrylic) in different colors. Here's the picture, but that is from awhile ago, now there's more colors. Seems it'll be another colorful work.

Worked on my sample and I like how it looks, but will do a new one with a larger hook, then decide what to do.

Happy week!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra, I like your hexagon! I saw this CAL too and I am thinking about joining it. I have cross stitch WIPs, knitting WIPs, quilt WIPs, and now maybe this CAL. So many projects - so little time, LOL.

Carolyn NC said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Your work is beautiful - you are very talented in needlework! My grandmother tried to teach me to crochet at 8 yrs. old, but I was in a hurry that day and didn't half listen. Wish I had - I did learn to knit and purl, but that was 40+ years ago! Maybe one day once again. :)