Monday, November 23, 2009


Just a small note to say thanks and show you what I got on two exchanges.

Past week my Annual Ornament from EMS got here. Was perfectly stitched by Ann, who also sent a lovely card, I believe that itself is an ornie, will find a nice frame to display it.

I told her how much I love Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, it's awesome how she chose the pattern before knowing this fact. Now I can hardly wait to set up the tree.

Kay, from Ravelry, sent me a gorgeous knitted dishcloth. Love the colors and the pattern she chose. Also got a lovely postcard from her home town and a bunch of yummy Baby Ruth, her favorite candy bar.

BTW, I've been peeking on your blogs, haven't always commented but this new job is keeping me busier than I though, specially because the students are not responsible with their assignments, so I have to stay up late grading their work. Next semester I'll schedule a bunch of written tests lol


Annie said...

Nice to see you posting. I've been thinking about you and hoping your were ok and just busy. Glad that was the case. Being busy is never a bad thing.

Nice set of gifts you received. At least you have some time for a few exchanges.

Mylene said...

Great exchange you've received.