Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas around the corner

Seems Christmas is just around the corner, and Heather in England just got the ornie I sent for her on wXSw ornie exchange 2009. I'm really glad, she'll will be able to display it before Christmas.

Chose an LK pattern I got on an exchange a while ago. Then finished as a mini pillow:

Did a small card.

Added a small piece of fabric and red and green DMC floss as a present.

I was decorating the house past Sunday, I was suppose to do it next weekend, but it'll be Kathe's Church wedding, so don't think I'll do anything on the house front. Here's a slideshow of how it looks:

BTW my 4yo God-daughter Nathaly was having her first Christmas recital at school, her mom asked for help on dacorating a T-shirt, this is what I did.

She liked it, but it was too big for her, she couldn't wear it that day, but she put it on the very next day... I thought so, but her mom gave me the T-shirt, I would have bought it smaller :(

Happy stitching!!!

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Annie said...

The pillow is just adorable. And what a great idea for a t-shirt. I like them big.. they make great nightshirts and I don't have to worry about shrinking in the wash.

Pretty decorating too. You have definitely caught the hoiday spirit.