Sunday, December 6, 2009

Favorite Childhood Holiday Memory

I read about Pink saturday on dottiedottie's Blog, she's participating in it on How Sweet The Sound.

I'm not participating in it, but I went to her blog looking for her Lionbrand CAL, read the post and thought it was a remarkable coincidence that her childhood memory was of getting a doll similar to one I got on my 3rd Christmas. And I love Christmas stories...

I wanted a "bebé querido" (somthing like dear baby). It was just a cloth doll with plastic hands and face. It didn't even had clothes you could put on or change, the body was a printed fabric and that was it! My mom thought I was too young for knowing what I wanted, so instead I got a gorgeous doll way too big and heavy for my little arms...

Thing is the doll cried, with real tears, but I thought it was too fancy, not as cuddly as I wanted my doll to be. Anyway, it's a dear childhood memory, because that doll has been with me all my life since. When I was five, on Christmas Eve, she was baptized, her new name was Mónica, I didn't like her original name, Manuela. It was a fine event, Gisela baked a small cake and decorated it with white fondant and tiny white flowers. Her Godmother was Jacqueline, my next door neighbor and best friend at the time, I'm the Godmother for her *yep* bebé querido, a boy whose name scaped my mind... Also at that age I started disassembling things and reassembling them, she was no exception. My cousin, Soraya, gave me a tiny record from her singing doll to replace the annoying crying record lol That way she sang with such sentiment, she turned to tears lol

She's still with me, and her original outfit is so worn that I will crochet a new one. Hope to find a fit baby dress among my patterns. This year she will turn 40. Maybe next year she'll go to Dolls Clinic for a repair.

Meet Mónica Manuela:

Happy Second Sunday of Advent!

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