Saturday, December 5, 2009

Water bottle cover

Hello there! I've been doing some small things, some for presents, some for me. This time my friend Mary asked me to do a water bottle cover "knitted, crocheted, sewn, anyway you want it!"

Hum! I said. Crocheting it would be so easy, but I had this bunch of fabric, and sewn would be faster... So the thing had to be sewn; of course, I wanted a thermic, waterproof, leak resistant fabric for the lining. What was on the store is called "reflective fabric" apparently it has all those properties I was looking for.

Since the bottle was a bit big and I sort of wanted it to fit perfectly, made up my mind for a round based cover. So, I googled what I wanted and follwed two great tutorials: Rose's and Pink chalk studio's.

I followed the process as close as possible.

Cutted the parts (lining, padding and outside):

Then measured the bottle height and sewn the fabrics:

It's not shown in the photo, but Sides were sewn too to make a tube.

Pinned the bottom and did a basting stitch, so it would be easier to machine sew it.

That was done separately, once on the lining, once on the outside fabric. inserted the padding between them. At the end had to hand finish it because my machine is not sewing, guess it must be the carbon brushes again. Why is that? Couldn't it have chosen a better timing?

But then it was all worth!

Found one of this things (name, please?) to make the closing adjustable.

Added a small detail, "made with love"charm on the opposite side of the closing cord.

And, voilà. Mary has her new cover... At first she said it should have a strap to carry it. But without the machine I didn't want to attach it by hand, thought it wouldn't be too resistant. Anyway, when my Necchi is fixed I'm planning to make a matching food carrier with space for the water bottle... Hope it can be done before Christmas! BTW somehow stitching it by hand or maybe the padding shrunk it, now it carries a smaller bottle lol

Have a happy weekend!


Rose said...

Thanks so much for linking me up!! I never thought about doing one for a little water bottle!! It looks great! Also, I know my blog is hard to read, I haven't had time to change it, but I will! I was going to re-do it with a Christmasy theme anyways. I realized after I had put it up that the text was hard to read because of the background paper I chose, I'll be more conscious of that in the future! Thanks for you comment and visiting my blog!!

Nita said...

Very nice water bottle carrier! Your friend Mary is very lucky.
btw - the little device is called a slide cord lock - very handy that you found one.

Daffycat said...

Very handy! It is cute too.

That is a toggle. Darn, and I was looking for one of those today but couldn't find one. DH needs one on a project he wants me to do for him. I have another store to check though.

Kathy - Pink Chalk Studio said...

I love your take on this Sandra, great idea for a larger water bottle. I really like the way you used the stripes for the casing on the top and again on the bottom. Very, very cute! xo Kathy