Friday, December 18, 2009


Hi there! I don't know if that's even a word, but I am whiplashed. We had a rear end collision past Friday... Results? I'm wearing a cervical collar and I'm on rest and physical therapy. The worst part of it is that I had to cancel New Year's Eve dinner, can't stay up cooking for so many people grrr... The lady who hit our car is a TV actress, she's happy up, around and about while I'm here sleepy, dizzie and without the possibility of at least doing my crafts.

Anyway, I'm not suppose to be sitting at the computer, but I do it once a day, otherwise I'll go crazy lol I just wanted to show you something I knitted with a new technique. Clara, from work, taught us how to knit with a loom. I started my scarf (what's easier for a starting piece?), and at some point reversed the stitch...

Now, ask me how I did it, really have no clue. Frustrated as I was, decided to start it over again, better yet with my old sensible pair of regular needles, but then I saw what was ready and kind of felt bad about destroying it.

Was thinking what to do with it, too short for a belt or a scarf. too thick for a headband. Then I recalled a collar pattern on a Lionbrand newsletter, and Annie's Cable-stitch neck warmer, thought it could work out. I think it did. Everyone was admired of how my piece was different, when I wore it to show it at school. They didn't realize it was an adaptation to correct a mistake until I couldn't hold the laugh anymore. Here it is:

The buttons are from my collection, bought at Shelly's buttons and more. You know how often you find a heavenly match between a yarn and some buttons, even though they were bought at different time and places... Love those tiny mittens! And the part that has the stitch reversed is as tick as the rest of the collar, so it seems it was made like that on purpose :oD

And this is how it looks on, this is from before the accident. Yesterday I tried it on and guess what, it's perfect to cover the cervical collar, so it will become handy because now the temperature has dropped to 15ºC (about 59ºF), and lower early in the morning... The yarn is a Bulky, variegated 15% wool, 85% acrylic, Royal (TAMM) made in Mexico.

Happy stitching! I'm counting the days to get back to mine.


Annie said...

What a great way to make lemonade when life gives you lemons (as we say in English.. hope it makes sense to you). Perfect neckwarmer for your very sensitive neck. So sorry for your whiplash problems. That can take a while to clear up too. Be careful, rest up and do your therapy faithfully and things are sure to improve.

Daffycat said...

Oh, Sandra, you poor dear! I hope the lady had good insurance to cover your doctor bills.

Pike said...

How are you holding up, Sandra? Hopefully the coming year 2010 will be a better one for you!!!!

PJ said...

So sorry to hear about your accident! I hope you are starting to heal. Peace, health, and joy for the New Year! Happy 2010! Look forward to seeing all your wonderful projects!