Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jessica's stitching tools organizer

I didn't know how to name this one, is not only a needle book, scissors pocket, pink keep or a floss holder. Is all that in one.

I was delighted with Sharon's design, from It's Daffycat, and found it like an awesome coincidence that her daughter's name is Jessica, just like my friend whose birthday is tomorrow. So I stitched her design to use it for the organizer, Jessica's birthday present.

Of course I made a big mistake. Dind't study the design well. I was picturing it already done with the fabbie that Joan sent me and got to work on it right away, without noticing it should be stitched on evenweave not aida because it has parts of it that are stitched over two and some over one (the words). Anyway I decided to stick with what I already started and bend the design a little, trying to stay as faithful as I could, but the letters were backstitched instead of cross stitched.

For the inside, I followed Mary Corbet's tutorial, posted on her blog Needle'n Thread. For the floss ring I used a star eyelet (to go with the design and backing fabric), courtesy of Bea, and a floss ring courtesy of Sharon.

The middle is divided with chain stitch and the floss tag is attached with Portuguese Stem Stitch.

I'm really happy with the overall look. And very proud that was able to do different embroidery stitches to attach the felt.

Feather stitch

Cross stitch

Fly stitch

Thanks Sharon for the design! Thanks Mary for the tutorial!

And a happy birthday to both Jessicas.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Aussie and Pink

Here are two things I got on the mail, one is my secret pal exchange that came all the way from down under, wrapped in a festive bag with stars and gold, filled with goodies and something I find pretty exotic, Australian floss! My first, will have to think of a perfect design to use them.

Melanie from EMS did a great job putting together all my stash, Sara, one of my special education class colleagues (and a dear friend) already chose the designs I'll be stitching from the book Melanie sent! lol We had so much fun playing with the stash at work! Shhh! Don't tell anyone! Oops! Forgot my boss reads my blog... Well she had a great time looking at it too ROTFL It was nice to take it to work, so many people had got the stitching bug from me, and they enjoy when I get presents from overseas.

Also I was tickled pink! Sandy, from Sanman board, sent me a pretty pink package. We were playing PINK, to celebrate breast cancer awareness month (in October, but Sandy and I traded a little after it). And she chose for me some luscious Sanman hand dyed threads in pink variations, buttons in different sizes and shapes, adorable stickers perfect for my Valentine's cards and the cutest pink frosted beads. Awww! It all came in a pink sheer bag.

I just had to display it! Doesn't it look perfect?

Oh yes, I also received a present from a student, Carmen gave me this lovely orchids, we call them "orquídea zapatico" (little shoe orchid), but it's scientific name is Paphiopedilum insigne. She said it was all bloomed, but waited too long to give it to me lol They are strong and bloom several times, so I know they will bright up my terrace several times a year. Like the tiny green orchis I'm still waiting to see them bloom, they already have two sticks, each one holds several tiny orchids...

Thank you girls! You lifted up my mood, was a little down.

BTW: I have to apologize that I haven't been able to finish and send the rest of the angels. Will do it ASAP, I'll explain to you on my emails when I send the angels. On an up note, most of them had already reached destination, I'm happy for it.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas again!

Today I received two packages, one from Argentina the other one from Greece.

Laurita, in Argentina, was my partner for the EMS 5th annual ornament exchange. They landed on my tree already.

She did, not one, but two gorgeous ornies! They're stitched on both sides:

And one of them is an angel, a flying angel! Can you believe? What are the odds?

There were also goodies on my package, a lovely cord, blue and beige floss and yummy candies!

Thank you Laurita! Gob bless you. I'm glad you were my partner on this exchange.

From Greece, Michelle sent me this package containing an envelope inside that said "Do not open until Christmas"

I had a doubt, since it reached the year after it was sent, should I wait until Dec. 25th, 2009??? LOL No way, I opened my package right there at the PO, the girls there are always excited about the things I get, and they all know me by my first name.

But I'm sure you want to know what was in it... She sent three pieces of fabric, linen, which can't be found here and I already have plans for it, aida in a count colors that are not for sale here either: navy blue and natural. The most amizing thing is that I was going through my Cross Country Sitiching magazine and was thinking how their designs look adorable on that type of aida. Good, now I have plenty to work on some of them I'd been wanting to stitch for a while.

Variegated, multicolor and metallic threads! Awww, just the cutest, and the pink one comes in the perfect timimng for the Valentine needlebook I'm working on.

What about the cards? With their envelopes, in a deep forest green! I will be able to join card exchanges with no fear of flaws on the finishing.

And last, but not least, the booklets! Oh my! Angels (yep, angels!!!), snowmen and tiny ornies!!! Yesterday an angel was whispering in my ear. I wanted to join the Christmas Ornament Stich- A-Long and even marked the page, now the I have all this patterns it will give me a year of fun!

Thanks for your kindness Michelle! I have no words to describe how I feel, but it's like Christmas morning all over again!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The first three reached destination.

I'm happy, I was informed that three of the angels had reached destination, Maru, Terri and Yvonne got theirs, that means all the other will be arriving soon.

I'm finishing the thirteen left to be sent. Also started a new project on crocheting, a tuck away bag, which I always wanted to do. This one will be for my comadre Katiuska. I will use one of the handmade clay buttons Michelle sent me with the ornie.

And I will end this small post bragging about my green thumb. I had these on the gutters, all bloomed. Of course I rescued them while cleaning those and now they are displayed on my terrace. The other orchids are about to bloom, those are green. Will show a picture then.

Oh and I almost forgot to thank you for answering the poll. I really wasn't sure that translating the posts was such a good idea, think it made them harder to read, so I decided to drop the spanglish thing.

Remember I still have five places for the PIF. Happy stitching!!!