Monday, April 27, 2009

Hand dyed fabbies

I ordered a few hand dyed fabbies from Sapphire Stitching, I fell in love with them ever since Joan showed us the pictures at her board. Then one day she sent me a sample I used it to stitch a small present for a friend.

The thing I like about Joan's site is that she offers great quality of service. I was looking for a sea like fabric to stitch a mermaid, but couldn't find something like what I was picturing in my mind. I told Joan, explained what I wanted and sent her the picture of the design; (a beautiful Joan Elliot's mermaid) she custom hand dyed a piece of 22ct hardanger for me, which is perfect for the pattern. And she added a mermaid charm as a thank you token (she always add a little something, as a token of appreciation to her customers).

My goddaughter Camila (4yo) was here when I opened the package, she said Joan was so nice to include a pink fabric for her LOL It is a part of a set, she sells this little bits of fabbies, perfect for small designs or biscornus. I like it because for me it's better to have an assortment of small than to have a big piece of just one color. She has different counts, I asked for 14 and 18ct.

But that's not all, she also holds a Rummage sale on her site, when I saw there were magazines I asked for a particular one, Cross stitch and needlework magazine, which holds this Robin Kingsley design I wanted to stitched ever since I saw it on Annie's photo album.

I ordered it from a site in Canada, North Breeze, but sadly the magazine was lost on the mail, they were so nice that they gave me my money back, but all I wanted was the magazine... It was a heavenly coincidence that I asked Joan for it before she uploaded the picture to the site, she saved it for me to be sent with the fabbies. Now I finally have it!!!

Well, another happy customer here. Thank you Joan!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I'll post about something I want you to see. Stash and nice little things that came on yesterday's mail, a postcard and five packages, but I'll only show you four today. You must see the fifth one, but it'll be posted on Monday...

The picture on the top are the things Courtney sent for our Easter swap at Sapphire Stitching board. She made a needlebook with an Easter Alphabet, the fabric is 18ct hand dyed aida. I'm admired at her attention to detail, love the pattern she chose for me. The bookmark is also hand made by her. I couldn't resist to take the picture of the bookmark's the back side, take a look:

Says: "HANDMADE because you're worth it". Isn't it just lovely? And this is how the needlebook looks inside, the color of the pages match with the ribbon's green.

This postcard came from my dear friend Sandy O. She went to Hawaii on a trip and sent me this picture, the trees frame the mountains behind, just awesome! she always send me beautiful postcards with the pictures she takes on her own house and on her trips, I think one day I'll show them all to you.

Corine, from France, sent me this set of Postcards and a pocket I'll use for my tiny scissors. She stitched Ingres violin's, it was "One world, many cultures" exchange at EMS. It's a beautiful job, the piece is all hand sewn. And as you can see the postcards are fantastic. We've been paired up before, so it's nice to meet again.

This is the parcel Chantal, also in France, sent me for our "Spring Secret Pal 2009". I stitched for her a bookmark on one of the first exchanges I joined at EMS. Remember how nervous I was to stitch for her because she's such a good stitcher, her work is so neat.

Thank you ladies! It was the perfect way to end a week of sour moments, your presents sweetened it up for me!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My scissors

Nina is having a game with a giveaway on her blog. I thought it was funny because I have never shown my scissors before, and you'll read why. If you want to play you must show your scissors, whether they are a few or a lot.

Here are mine:

Not fancy at all, thank God I've been blessed with the help of my stitcher pals around the globe, and they've sent me neat scissors fobs. From left to right: The red one is my fabric scissors, brighten up with Bea's beaded scissors fob, then comes my "for almost everything" black one (it's a hair's scissor), embellished with Sylvianne's biscornu. Next comes my ACME (not a joke) tiny scissor on the carrying tin Sara stitched for me, it's the one for the projects I take out and about. The other two (cuticle's scissors) are guarded by Margot's zigouigoui and Sherryn's pinkeep, and I use them for cutting the threads and also for hardanger (the smaller one is the best of my set for that technique). The big one with blue handles was my first fabric scissor, but now it's too old and I'm using it to cut the cardboard or foamy I use to stuff the pieces, I will do some sort of fob for her, it's the only one without it.

Congratulations Nina on your 2nd blogoversary. I missed my first, but the second one will be celebrated (it's on January 21st). Thank you, it was fun!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Peek this:

Hi!!! Today was a bright sunny day. Got something unexpected on the mail, a present from Anita. She sent me a gorgeous French coeur (heart) chart, two bright pieces of fabric with the cutest prints and luscious threads. Love them all, but my particular admiration goes for one I immediately called "my sunflowery floss", has all the colors of a sunflower, haven't seen it before. Of course all the others are a temptation, like the sea shaded colors variations, if I was to name it, it would be "Choroní" like my favorite beach! Awwww!!! I'm sure they'll be used soon on a couple of things I'll be doing for the exchanges, PIF's (beware, they are coming along nicely and soon will be on its way) and a secret project I'm not allowed to talk about for now lol

Thanks Anita!!!

Also received some charms all the way from the UK. Emma, a lovely lady at EMS, second God Mother for all my mentorees, once sent me a few hand charms, with the legend: "hand made", I fell in love with those, then I found an online store, Jeneca Beads, that carry those and ordered to stitch onto all my projects from now on, also ordered a heart charm with "made with love", I like to have options to choose from, too bad I didn't saw the "made for an angel" angel charm until after I placed my order, well there will always be a next order lol

They are really silver, but show golden here because the wall is a bright pink color and reflects on everything. Oops! Forgot to tell about the dragonflies, they are the cutest things (I love dragonflies in general).

I couldn't save the pictures from the needleroll, but here's a sneak peek until Pascale send me the one she's taking.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Little wonders

Little wonders is what I was doing for Easter. Two eggs for the Easter Exchange at Sapphire Stitching, my partner, Anastasia, sent me the picture because all the ones I took were lost on the computer crash.

The first one is a freebie from Kreinik's, the other one a hardanger sampler, she wanted to know the technique so I stitched a few sample stitches on the fabric and made the egg ornie.

Also did a needleroll, a challenge, since it was stitched over one, for the EMS Challenge exchange 2009. It has Lizzie Kate's "stitching friends forever"design, and all the thread was meant to be multicolor and/or variegated. I used all multicolor and love how it turned out. Too bad the pict is lost.

Last, but not least, my partner in New Zealand got her Spring Secret Pal 2009 (at EMS) parcel from me past Saturday, that must be a record for the PO since I delivered it on March 24th, that's way less than a month! Good things also have to be said. Sorry friends, no picture of this one either. I learned my lesson, from now on I'll keep all the pictures for the exchanges in a private album online until they reach destination. I stored a few on my flash drive, but it must be corrupted, because the thumbnails show OK, but when they're enlarged, show all weird.

Hope you all had a happy Easter, Passover, Spring day.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Christmas SAL

Joined the Christmas Ornament Stitch-A-Long, for my first post chose a Shepherd's Bush design, Star.

When I got it, though it would be big enough to make a pillow out of it, but it's so small that will fit perfectly on my tree.

Inside has foamy instead of cardboard, because it should be completely washable. Isn't it cute?

Sunday, April 5, 2009


This the finished needleroll. Love all Sheperd's Bush designs. This one was on my stash, had been there since two years ago. Now I want to finish the other two, but for now I'm working on the January, February and March finishes for the Christmas Ornament SAL and the two PIF's which are coming along nicely.

The lace is so delicate, and the bumblebees are such a nice touch! I think I got the needleroll fever again! LOL

Was thinking of doing something different out of it. There's a bees fabric on my stash that has the same colors, but then thought to finished this one as it was meant and later I might use the design or part of it to do something like a bag's pocket, it'll match the fabric perfectly.

Have a great Holy Week! Besides the praying and meditating I'll be stitching, no trip for me this year.