Saturday, May 30, 2009

Post office day and something more

I'm not sure how Post Offices in the rest of the world work. Here I've been blessed with such nice postal workers, problem is that they depend on Postal System... The system went down on Thursday, and was still down yesterday afternoon. Now the big question is, how can't they just take the packages and fill a form, write down the stamps they sold and then take them down the inventory afterwards when the system is up again?

Got really frustrated because I wanted Pirjo's bbinteractive swap to go before the deadline... It's a scissor case and a matching fob. Don't know why but the weirdest things had happened with it, first, the fabric I was working with, imported, you know I don't get nice ones here, went missing. Now, ask me how a fabric can be missing in a three bedroom home, where one room is dedicated to the crafts and everything should be in there. I was about to cry when I remembered that I took it to mom's on the days of the quakes, I was staying there. She looked over and under and didn't find it, I turned everything upside down here and couldn't find it either. While sleeping a bright idea came to my mind: maybe is hid on the suitcase I took, got up to check and... nope, it wasn't there. Then the next day I saw the emergency case (a small one that's always beside my front door, to take out in case of a big quake, with a few things for three days, as we were instructed), checked that out, the thingy went into a T-shirt, great! The set was saved!!! It had it ready since Tuesday, but then Wednesday wanted to arrange things neatly and make a small card, bad idea, if I just had tossed things in and wrote on a piece of paper things would have been flying by now LOL

But to ease my frustration I had Kay's package waiting for me and also a lovely thank you note from Anastasia, love bees!!!

Kay made an Ornie for our wXSw Summer exchange. Now is on the wall in front of my computer, a reminder that I need to take some time for me and go to the beach, at least for a day! She still has to get what I did for her...

She also hand made a lovely beaded scissor fob, it's funny that it has a few of my favorite things: tiny flowers, a butterfly (they're my Totem) and two strawberries (tiny one, large one), my favorite fruit!

And for stash she sent me a snowman chart, love it! I already planned to make it into a pillow for my brother and his wife, they are very patriotic and I'm sure they'll appreciate something new to display on July 4th.

To end the post, here's the progress of the 22 boxes (Yep, Annie, not a mistake! 19 + 3 that are already done). Now I'll go and sit to work on them so they'll be ready tomorrow the latest. Kathe is working on the sugar and the cards. I wanted to participate on the Spring Pantry challenge at bbinteractive, but I guess godmotherly duties will keep me from it. Too bad, Was planning on stitching it on the minty green aida Courtnet sent me. Well, still will be doing it, like the Autumn pantry, didn't made it on time for the challenge but I have a wall on my dinning room waiting for them. What I have to decide is wheter I'll frame them together or individually...

Now off to add details, lights and shades to my little angels. Have a blessed weekend!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Painting with paint

This time didn't use threads for my craft. Kathe and I are working on Paola's First Holy Communion keepsakes. We're painting small wooden boxes, they have angels on the top, will be in rainbowy pastels. For now we started with the pink ones, her favorite color.

Today poor Kathe was in charge of sanding all the boxes, coating them with the white base and transferring the design to the tops. I got to do the fun part, adding the color and painting the angels! We'll fill them with sugar figures, hears and stars, with matching colors; that and also the cards are another of Kathe's tasks. I'll be painting over the week..

Here's how our workstation looks. I'll have this mess until next weekend when we hope they'll be finish.

And this are the drafts, it's important to practice the designs a before painting the boxes, specially the bottoms. My hand is not so steady so the lines area little crooky.

And this are the first three finished, now there's only 19 to go...

Tomorrow will be finishing something for an exchange at bbinteractive, also will be working on my poncho, the shell border is ready, the body is going along nicely, as Annie commented on the previous post, one of the beauties of Tunisian stitch is that it works fast.

Now off to read your blogs. Thanks for reading mine!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy times poncho

I've been working on this piece for over a year, not that is any hard, up to here it took me about 6 hours work. It's made of pabilo, 90% cotton 10% acrylic fiber, a very popular one we use here for any purpose, including tying the "hallacas" in December, our traditional Christmas meal.

Followed the instructions on the pattern, which is originally a girls poncho, but didn't want the body of it as in the pattern, a mesh, wanted something more covering, the two previous ones crocheted by me are, and I'm quoting one of my coworkers "a colander" lol Very fashionable but don't stop the cold.

So in my adaptation it should be a ticker stitch, the one I chose for that purpose is Tunisian crochet, it will look like this (in white).

Now don't ask me how it will turn out at the end; the lower part, the "flowery" squares are loose and twirly, the Tunisian part is rigid... Let's see how the experiment results!

For now I'm working on the edging, five dc shells, and also on the body, that should be two rectangles then attached to the lower part and will also have the shells on the upper edges, plus a cute green bow...

To end this post, here's a teaser of something sent. Been cross stitching but mostly for gifts and exchanges so I can't show the whole pictures yet.

Happy crocheting!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Raked and a lit'l bit more

You know Nina made some of us show our scissors to everyone, as I said I had to adapt ones meant for other uses because in my country embroidery things are hard to find (with the noble exception of plain color floss).

Well, Tara, from bbinteractive chose me for her RAK. She sent a delightful pair of embroidery scissors, I was ecstatic when I opened the package and saw it. She also sent a gorgeous bordeaux thread and the an artistic butterflies card. Thank you Tara, I'm happy I have my first real embroidery scissors!!!

Also got a package from Alexia, a thank you for the tin I did for her. She sent a lovely Mary Englebreit stationary, two booklets with the cutest charts for my mentoring, a beautiful, colorful and cheerful fabric and a beaded scissors fob, of course there was an elegant flowery card. Thank you Alexia! Your surprise cheered me up!

I attached the scissors fob to the embroidery scissors right away, I think if they ever met and talk about it, the pieces wouldn't match so perfectly, sometimes matches are made in heaven.

Last, let me tell you two angels arrived, from Brooke Nolan's site I ordered this two beautiful charts, the come with the perforated paper and Mill Hill beads needed for the project.

Aren't they just gorgeous??? Thanks Brooke! Great customer service!

Well, now off to stitch, need to finish my items for the bbinteractive swap: scissors case and fob. Also have to start my LK exchange piece and progress with the PIF's.

Have a blessed, stitching weekend!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Button, button

I used to go on many trips with my cousins. We had a game, whenever we crossed a bridge we said: "button, button" and grabbed one, then make a wish while we went through it. From then I keep those fonds memories and always come to my mind when a new button reaches me collection.

Had to do a refill of some of my favorites, I was running out of bees and dragonflies. Also needed more of the christmassy shapes. Of course had to try some new ones... As the iron on flowers, can't hardly wait to use them.

Ordered some new flowers (country), dragonflies and ladybugs, my favorite garden critters, and some angels...

The value packs are always a must, tried this Retro value pack, mostly because of the colors, look what was inside, I was pleasantly surprised:

Pants, guitars and a vinyl record!

The eco message, always "in":

Who can resist this smiling kitties??? Not me, they're so cute!

Of course it wouldn't be the sixties without love signs:

Butterflies, flowers, all so hippie and groovy! It's natural for me to love those, I'm a child of the sixties!

Happy stitching!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Broken hook

I'm crocheting daisy squares for Krystal's charity afghans. Yesterday, when trying to obtain gauge, my beloved red H crystallite hook broke in half when I was tying the yarn for the border...

Will have to replace it with a stronger brand, maybe not so fashionable as this one. This is the first time it happens to me with a hook, broke several cross stitch needles, but never a hook.

The pattern is delightful, and though it seems complicated it's very easy and fun. Hope I can get a grip on the gauge soon, I know Krystal will put all the squares in good use.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sugary day

May 1st we celebrate "Workers Day". In Venezuela it's a free day, we mostly give a small tribute to those who work as cleaning staff, construction workers, and such. Because most professionals have their own day.

My school has been blessed with a wonderful cleaning and maintenance staff. When I was doing my Vice-principal duties, they were enormously supportive with me. Still they greet us in the mornings with a big smile and a cup of coffee, they cook breakfast for us so we can have a hot meal in the mornings (it's cold there). So, as a very small tribute to them I made sugar figures: hearts and stars.

The colored ones are plain, the white one is flavored with vanilla and also has sparkles.

The cards say: "Thanks for sweeten my mornings. Happy day", for the women and "Thanks for your helping hand. Happy day" for men.

They're the easiest thing to do, my gift for you, also hard workers, is the recipe. Here's what you need:

I dissolve the drop of coloring on the tablespoon water, or more if I want them to be darker. Then add it to the cup of sugar (it's a good idea to mix it an a bowl), the consistence should resemble wet sand. Then the mix is pressed on the molds, tight so they won't fall apart, let it set for a minute and place it on a flat surface to dry (about 24 hours), then you have this cuties:

Have a nice day!!!! This is an automatic delivery, now I'm out somewhere...