Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some things are just meant to be

Some things happens in the weirdest ways, nothing like you have it planned but at the end it all works out for the best.

At bbinteractive we recently had a scissor's case and fob swap. I stitched for Pirjo, in Finland, my plan was to make it way before the deadline because it was the first time I was going to send something there and wasn't sure how long would it take. The first thing that happened was that the fabric I was working on got lost... Yep, and I hadn't cut the piece for the lining and the fob... Thank God I found it inside the emergency briefcase, remember all those quakes on my town? I got so ready that even had stitching implements there...

Then two days before deadline the PO system crashed... So I was able to mail it the day after deadline.

But now it's there and she's happy with it. Here you have:

If you want a better picture go to Pirjo's album, and also delight on her stitching, she's very talented.

As I was working on the Amigurumi, was thinking what to do with it, because no matter that they are so cute, I like to give them a purpose. So today Hunny Bunny was up for adoption, he went to my friend Magaly, her favorite color is red, so I couldn't help to think it was perfect for her as I was stitching. Here we are at Carnaval's parade this year (it's something like Mardi Grass).

She fell in love with the creature, even thought his ears are so long that he could trip by stepping on them lol Yesterday Roberto, one of my grown students saw it and asked why the feet were kind of twisted, my response is simple, he's a special bunny, we all are different. And Kenny, our star secretary asked me today why he had such a face, I told him that the bunny was eating lemon instead of carrots lol Anyway Hunny is in a good home now.

Last, I'm working on a pair of socks, because this is now crochet season, with socky winds. Sometimes is bags, other times scarves; now, my first time socks with heel!

First day progress:

Second day progress:

Seems I got a new fever lol

Until next time, happy stitching!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hunny Bunny

I joined Ravelry a few weeks ago, it's a great site for crocheters and knitters. Among my groups there's Amigurumi Army, and this month's mission was to do an Amigurumi Bunny. Well, here is mine, meet Hunny Bunny.

I was not so sure about the details, like the tail, was debating whether to do it as a pompom or crochet it, then decided to crochet it and to keep the shape and give stability to it, inserted a marble.

I wanted long, long ears and big feet. You can see how the ears are oversized, longer than the bunny's height. The feet have three toes, but I had a little technichal difficulty attaching them and now they are also a little bended lol

The final detail was whether to attach a ribbon, a carrot or a beret. I wanted a boy, so the beret was the way to go... It needed another detail, the white beret alone was too plain, then the bright idea of a matching red star came to my mind, he's a General!

Cool, now Pichi, my purple bird, is not alone anymore!

Thank you for the nice comments on my Ipod cozy and Baby Rainbow, they're appreciated, always make me smile. Stitching hugs!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Two different stuff

Hi!!! Today I was able to finally finish the fanciest Ipod Nano case ever. You might remember the first one I did a while ago, was too small and so it ended up as a friend's gift (she loves it). Since then wanted to make another one, this time the mistake was corrected, the best part is that it holds enough space for the earphones.

The pattern for the cross stitch part is my simple daisy, it matches perfectly with the backing vintage fabric. The lining is 40ct linen. I couldn't resist to add a "Hand made" charm though, as you might know, part of it was machine sewn...

Also finished Rainbow Baby, at last! Now she and her sister Blossom will fly away tomorrow to Pat's project. The symbol's meaning? Rainbow stands for hope, for a promise of a better tomorrow, also is part of nature and though you can't always see it, its colors are everywhere and always brings good stuff, that's why she has all those strings with butterflies, flowers, fish and turtles (or tortoises lol). The mirror is attached so the person holding her can look at the most beautiful thing on creation... herself.

Friday, June 19, 2009

It rained...

On WWKIP day we were suppose to gather in a public park. By the time I got to Caracas, where the park is, it was raining, so we decided to have lunch and wait in a mall. Of course, we had to do something on the meant¡me...

I showed up with my crocheted poncho, what could be more appropriate? lol My work was the Happy Times Poncho, can't hardly wait to see it finished.

These are the scrubbies I did for my fellow crocheters. Of course they said those were too fancy for dishes, and would probably end up as doilies (Trini's husband took hers and placed it on a shelf lol) . But I do like washing the dishes with a fancy cloth. Plus, it's great for the hands!

Here's Kathe with her favorite:

If you're wondering, we didn't make it there, ate sushi and hunted for a new stash shop... Guess will have to wait until next year.

Happy weekend!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

World Wide Knit In Public Day

This year WWKIP day will be on the third Saturday and Sunday of June. If I did it right the image should be linked to the history page of the event.

For the first time it'll be celebrated in my country. The gathering is today at "El Parque del Este" from 11 am to 5 pm (now is called Parque Miranda, just that I can't change the name to a place where I grew up playing at). So I'm off with my needles and yarn, a few crocheted dish washcloths or scrubbies, as some people call them, to give as a souvenir to people I meet there, thought it's a good idea to also spread the environmental care message.

I'll post pictures tomorrow, this will be my first gathering so I'm pretty excited!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Do you remember Spring?

I had wXSw Spring, from Four Seasons SAL as a UFO. Now I was finally able to finish it into something useful. Of course, had to sew it with the new machine.

The tote is useful for school, it has been flattered as it looks so different from the rest, by that I guess they mean the embroidered part.

Has many flaws, but it looks good enough. And it was tested with a lot of stuff inside, the handles resisted the weight perfectly.

Now there are many other totes that will be done, most of them for sale, of course they won't have such a complicated cross stitched design.

Thanks for the nice comments on the Simple Daisy, I'll be stitching it over the weekend to make a floss tag. I'll let you know how it went.

Stitching hugs!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A simple Daisy

A small token of appreciation for you: Simple daisy, here it is in pdf format. This chart was created inspired by SMO board Upsy Daisy Day combined with my best liked quote "simple life , high thoughs" (Srila Prabhuppada). Hope you enjoy stitching it!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

At last!!!

I'm proud to present my beautiful Necchi Supernova Ultra. She's was advertised in 1959 to be premiering in 1960.

My model is a free arm, not usual as I learned from my research. My mom gave it to me because she's not into sewing since about fifteen years ago. Time the machine spent without being used, outside on a covered porch. Good thing is she had it on a table, adapted for it, and covered with the hard case it came with (oops! forgot to picture it).

Raisa, a friend of mine, has been sewing for decades, she helped me figure out what was wrong with the machine so I wouldn't have to pay a lot of money on a house call tech. My compadre changed the carbon brushes and I took the tensor dial to be repaired. Now it sews like brand new, and the engine sounds smoothly!

It came with all this accessories. The case has a dialer on top for easy reference on how to set the machine to do the embroidery stitches, about 140. The lever is for buttonholes, all the feet are for stuff I still don't know yet, except the plastic one which I know is for the embroidery stitches. Mom also got a ruffler foot, I'm not much into it, but it'll come handy! Got me a box of multi use needles because most of the ones I got from mom were rusty, no wonder after 15 years!

This is my very first project. I sew a place mat for Raisa. I'm also working on a small bag for my compadre's daughter, Camila, my goddaughter, she's also Raisa's granddaughter. I want to thank them and told them I would give them the first projects. Well, as you can see the machine sews perfectly, but still I need to practice in order to sew on straight lines lol, this is more like a trapezoid than a rectangle. I'll tell her that "the uneveness on the piece are no defects, only a garantee that I did made it all by myself" ROTFL

Of course, I needed to try everything, added a lovely wavy stitch all around.

And it's backed with a pink ghingam, for me it's so picknicky. Perfect placemat for summertime. We have breakfast at school on our classroom/office, I'm sure she'll appreciate it. Afterwards I'll have to make one for Sara and another one for me too, so we three can have our meal like at home...

Have a nice stitching week!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Zippered pouch

If you're anything like me you might like to have one of a kind things. When I stitched the LK design for Kay, at wXSw Summer exchange, spent about a week thinking what to do with it after it was done. Then it became obvious , I've bought zippers because wanted to do bags and pouches, and the design was perfectly shaped for a pencil case (or anyother stuff she wants to keep in).

For the backside used a fabric from Fabric Depot. BTW excelent service, great fabrics! My order came fast, in perfect condition, with a small thread cutter as a thank you present. That was a nice detail.

The shade of green is one of my favorites, and the prints suggest seasons , at least to me.

It's all hand sewn. To attach the zipper used a tutorial from Twelve22.org.

Of course couldn't help to make something special for the zipper.

A beaded "hand made" embellisment seemed perfect to me.

And it must have an insert, to hide and protect all the stitches. Used 40 ct linen.

Kay said she loved it. I'm glad she got it safe. I have a piece of linen to make a twin case for me, sure she won't mind!

Now off to clean my Necchi Supernova Ultra. After some maintenance and the tensor fixed, I can finally say I have a functional machine. I'll present it to society tomorrow (yes, I mean to all of you). Can't wait for you to see my fully operative vintage machine...

Until then, happy stitching!!!