Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Long time...

Hi fellow crafters around the globe! Been busy, very busy with life's ups and downs, but that's a long story...

For now I'll show you in images some crafts made over the past fifteen days.

Wood painting:

The Angel tray was made for mom and dad's 45th Anniversary. It has coins adding up 45. Mom loved it and is very proud of it, dad thought the cake was missing, if that's a tray, at least it should have something on top lol


Wire wrapping, beading and such:

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Wish you all a Happy 2011!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Just a small post to show my sheepish notebook cover:

I have to give credit to someone on the web who has another Tralala sheep and used a bell, thought it was cute! I saw the picture and thought it was cool, now I can't find the link to properly give credit for the idea, but I will if I find it.

I'm thinking about something for the corners... Not sure what. Could be a triangle made of the same fabric and ric-rac or maybe something crocheted. Mom says I should use one of those triangle metal things, not sure but gues they are meant to protect the corners.

Made another butterfly correcting the body, my aunt said it looked weird. Think when she explained the body I misinterpreted it as "back and forth" but it was only meant to be a row of sc all the way around (on the front and the back). On this version, I modified a bit the pattern and made the body in a different color also added a head with antennas. I still think it looks different, she has batwings LOL

Compare it to my aunt Margot's:

Well, can't wait until Wednesday when I'll be stitching another or the notebooks :D

Happy week!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A mix of things to show

Hi there!!! I've finish two long due baby hats. Inspired on some Ravelry patterns modified them a bit to fit my ideas and yarn...

Used Senso Microfiber Cotton. Added an embellishment :o)

The butterfly is a pattern my aunt Margot, who lives in Spain, sent ( the sample is made with Camila thread).

Picot: ch 6 sl st on the first ch

Body:Row 1: ch 8 close with sl st
Row 2: ch 3 (counts as 1 dc), dc ch1, 2 dc, ch1 (7 times), close with sl st
Row 3: sl st to ch1 space, ch 3, dc, ch 3, 2 dc. On next ch 1 space 2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc (7 times), close with sl st. Finish off color. Fold in half being careful that the ch 3 spaces and the dc matches. Wings: Row 4: sc on the first dc (actually you will be attaching the dc at front and back of the butterfly), sl st to ch 3 space an make: 6 dc, picot, 6 dc. Skip to next ch 3 space 4 times. sc on last of the 2 dc (just like in first).
Wrap the thread 4 to 6 times around the middle of the body, sc back and forth, sl st to the first sc made on previous round.
You can make antennas of sc and harden them with glue or corn starch. I sewn them on the beanie to fix it.

And this is what I call my Groovy baby hat:

I hope they fit Camila (not the thread or my god-daughhter, but my friend's Mildred granddaughter). She's one month old.

For school, wanted to make the fanciest notebook covers this year. I decided to use one of those patterns I always wanted to make but never had the time. Inspired on the finishes I've seen on your blogs, picked Tralala to make them. This sheep is a cutie and is for the smallest notebook, the other two are larger, I'm choosing between three patterns: la Demoiselle de Halloween, les temps de cerises and Petite Bergère. Most likely will be the last two because they fit my color scheme. There are some "creative adaptations" because the lack of appropriate thread and also my ADD.

It's a lot of work, but the results are so nice! We, teachers in my school, always have this thrill to make the cutest covers each year, and yes, it is some sort of competition, but it's nice to see all the creativity displayed :o) Not only to show off, it's also about organization, check my pen drawer:

And I love to treat myself at school, check out my first day of school breakfast, it came with a tangerine. yummy, couldn't resist to bite it before the picture lol

Here's a little pincushion made with a LK design, stitched on a nightmare linen (it looks dreamy but it was so hard to stitch on it!), filled with some past year ort's, as Annie once advice me to be use them, they're better than fiber fill (they won't be sticking out of the cushion because of the sharpness of pins and needles).

The tag was made with a new stamp from Addicted to rubber stamps, they have great customer service! Here's the package received from them. They always include some scrapbook paper and a small gift, in this case a wooden mounted rubber stamp, with a few candies, now that's a nice detail :D

Also got my heat gun, great for embossing projects... As this one, well, it was made with rainbow ink pad and clear embossing powder, don't think it really shows, but it's glossy and puffed.

Now, off to work on cover number 1, need to see it all finished up!

Happy crafting everyone!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Little progress on my BAM CAL 2010

Just a quick note to show how's my new to be afghan progressing. I'm behind, yesterday manage to finish May trio and it's looking good so far, specially since I won't need more squares than the CAL's. Seems I underestimated the finished size, but to be only five months done, well, this will be a large afghan.

Good news is the yarn will be enough to finish and join the blocks.

Here's May, decided to do at least one square on each color solid, May has a whole pink square, June has a blue one, and still have to find a suitable pattern for the green one.

Happy yarning! I'm heading off to finish June's blocks.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Key organizer

Just when I was picking a design and fabric for the replacement, Melissa received my LK exchange for round 5. I stitched for her Bless our home, but instead of the silver bird house charm I used a golden birdie so it would match the holders.

I replaced the colors because the evenweave was mocha, and work backwards, first chose the backing fabric and then the colors to go with it :o)

The pictures are not good, but something has gotten into my camera, it's not working for at its best, hope Melissa posts a better picture.

Done a small progress on the BAM CAL 2010, will post pictures later, when all the squares for May are done. Until then, happy stitching!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Craft wall and my first project: Recicled Tshirt

Hello creative people!!! Before showing you how my new creative space looks like, I'd like to show you a new addition to my lovely stitched pieces.

This is the scissor pocket Melissa made for me on the LK exchange round 5. It's a wonderful thing that she chose a design I wanted, thought of stitching one for me but it always strike me as kind of silly that I stitched a friendship saying for myself lol. So here it is for me. Love the lilac linen, it's such an unique color.

And the backing is so cute! Green gingham and a flowery satin ribbon.

As promised, here's my new crafting space. From a whole room to a 3 m wall... It's almost everything in here:

Some stuff didn't fit in so had to put in on the closet, it looked too messy outside, it's the wire wrapping tools and materials, also the paint, crochet projects yarn and some fabric:

And its HOT in here!!! 80ºF contrasting the mere 62ªF at the other place, feels like a desert! I already cut my hair up to my neck.

OK, now on to the challenge. Laughingpurplegoldfish challenged us on her Ravelry group to recycle a T shirt. I had this one that I've outgrown on the front (miracles of the fibrocystic breast condition) but liked it so much didn't want to just throw it away.

These were the materials needed for the recycling: a pair of scissors, carbon paper and wheel tracer to make the stitches even (it was hand sewn), needle and thread, crochet thread and hook (for a flower accent), velcro and a glue (crazy glue didn't work out, I had to use silicone glue at the end).

First, turned the Tshirt inside out, placed the sleeves flat lined up with the bottom seams. On the inside so they will work as a shoulder straps.

Then slided the wheel tracer across the lower seam, where the stitches go.

Used the pins to secure the seams and hold the sleeves in place.

When it was sewn cut three pieces of velcro and pasted them with the silicone glue. To make sure they wouldn't come out held them in place with wooden clothes pins for about half an hour.

And there it is, my new market backpack:

With some groceries in it. It works fine!

Until next time!!! Happy crafting!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dazzling half dozen of artsy potholders.

Hello fellow crafters around the world. As I said, I'm in the process of moving. I'm already at the new place but still have to organize so many boxes and some furniture. Downsizing is stressing. Remember my craft room? Well, it's become a craft wall. I'll have to take a picture so you can see what I'm talking about.

For now I'll show you some things from the exchange front and a bit more.

I was July MoM at Dazzling Dozen Potholder Swap (Ravelry), we were a six month group. These are my Dazzling *half* Dozen Potholders:

From barbbowman, in Australia:

Love the happy face, it doesn't show well in the picture, but the blue is variegated.

From Margolin, in New Zealand:

Talk about cuteness, look at this tiny kiwi soap:

From WelshCrochetDiva, in Wales:

From ladytbird, in the USA:

The yarn is extremely soft, a blend of Alpaca and Silk, in periwinkle (couldn't get to show the real color with my camera). It came also with a pair of ladybug stitch markers.

From cazknit, in Australia:

She included a cookie that match the potholder, love that kind of details, how thoughtful is that!

Ok, that makes five, not six. I noticed, so join a CAL to complete the half dozen. I'm a member of the group, therefore I should send me a potholder. That's how Me-potholder was born.

The pattern is by Claudia Loman, she a lovely lady and talented crocheter. You can read all about the CAL here. And if you want to make one, pattern is here.

This tiny daisy was freeformed. I used pabilo, our traditional craft yarn.

Since I was making this one while recovering from the allergy (did I ever mention it? Ate fish and had a severe allergic reaction), my friend Ludys saw the first side and fell in love with the pattern, I asked for permission and she joined us. Here is her cute potholder, her cherries are also free formed.

And to end the post, this are some of the potholders I sent and are already at their new homes:

To cazknit:

I forgot to take a picture of the it finished. This was double sided and has a ring.

To WelshCrochetDiva:

To Margolin:

This picture shows the real colors, and the cute tag made with my new stamping set:

To barbbowman:

This one is one made with the African flower pattern. I gave it to Ludys.

Pheewee!!! I'm exhausted! That really was a bunch!!!

Check in in a couple of days, I have to show off my Lizzie Kate round 5 scissor pocket, from Melissa.

Happy crafting!!!