Friday, January 15, 2010

I love a-longs!!!

I love working on the same project with other people... Crochet-a-longs are one of my favorite type of projects, because you can see the results fast and it's wonderful to watch the creativity of the different participants.

I'm almost done with the sampler afghan. Decided to do only the four squares left to make it a rectangle. It will be only 25 squares instead of the 30 I originally intended. Anyway I'm not that tall lol What's yet to be decided is if it'll be backed with fleece or not.

It'll be good to finish that one and work only on the Lion Brand Motif Afghan CAL and the 2010 Block A Month CAL at Ravelry (2010 BAM CAL for future references) . The first one is still far from finish, don't know how large it'll be, probably as big as the yarn last.

Got a small amount of variegated yarn to test how it will look . Who said it needs more color? lol

For the BAM CAL 2010, gave myself a 10 year anniversary present and bought 22 balls of yarn to work on it. This will be the first afghan (or bedspread, not sure how big it'll be) with a color scheme lol All the other pieces I've done started out as practice and used leftover yarn...

First wanted to use colonial blue, dusty rose and ivory, then added the pistacchio green because it seemed that with the first three colors would be a bit off, needed some light. The pink I got is not the shade that was on my mind, but still I think they will look good together. Guess who's going to stay up late crocheting the first squares ...

At school, with Alexandra, been crocheting a table cover. She's doing a pretty white doily, but I have a plastic table that's all worn out, I'm sure with this it can still be used as a coffee table for the terrace. Just got some left over pabilo and started working in rounds, it has half, single double and triple crochet, also a round of roll stitch.

Hope to finish it tomorrow, will be hosting a mentoring class, more like a gathering, some students are beginners and other are intermediate, but also a few "pros" will come just to join the fun. It will be a mix and match because will be working with crochet, knit and cross stitch! I will propose a bag CAL for the crocheters. Small project to start a "club", maybe then will be doing monthly meetings :o)

Not part of any CAL but I haven't show you this step stool cover. Made it for Christmas time. At some point will have to do one for the rest of the year.

That's a whole lot of crochet. Will have to show some cross stitch next time, after telling you how the mentoring went. Until then, happy crafting!!!


Annie said...

Your are really crocheting up a storm! Nice work and a great explosion of color!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Sandra love all the crocheting you have done and love all the colors. I am doing the 2010 crochet-along BAM on Ravelry - crocheting an afghan for my husband. He chose colors of blues, browns and beiges. I am going to add a little bit more color. I am also thinking of doing another scheme for myself in purples and greens.