Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's

Friends from around the globe, have a happy Valentine´s day. Hope you get lots of flowers, chocolate and pampering from your loved ones.

I'm having a wire workshop. We made a spider yesterday.

My selection was pretty logical, not an ant or a bug... I knit, I crochet, therefore I'm a spider; that's my nickname at school "la arañita" (the little spider) lol

The homework is to make another spider and a bracelet, being Valentine's the heart was a logical choice, the teacher taught us how to make the links, the heart was an idea I came up with by watching a spiral tutorial. Hope I get a good grade lol Still have to do the closing link. Tried by myself but is not as easy as it seems, the wire broke.

Next time I'll show you all we did at the workshop. Learning new techniques is so much fun!!! Have a happy day!!!!


PJ said...

Love your little spidar! I once made two wire (with beads) people! Happy valentines day to you too...I'm eating chocolate right now ;)

PJ said...

..forgot to ask. did you tat that doily?

Annie said...

What a cool craft. I think there isn't anything you haven't tried. The bracelet is beautiful!

Sandra said...

LOL Annie, yes, there a few things I still need to try. Like tatting.

That's a doily from my second mom's house PJ, I didn't do it, but thought it looked cool underneath the spider.

Thanks for the comments.