Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm a winner too!!!

Hey there! I've been almost melting here. From cold to hoooot in no time. If I knew how to do the rain dance, I bet you'll see me jumping and hoping around lol Well, I try to see the lighter side of it, but truth is that we're facing this dramatic weather change and the lack of rain means also problems with the electric power, since our major source comes from a hydroelectric plant. I'm trying to save as much power as I can and also been educating people about it.

Now to my winnings. You know how fond I am of bento, even though I'm not an expert, I like to play around with my food.

I've been following Pikko's blog for quite a while, and back in December she hosted a contest giveaway, and I won day 4!!! Visit it and know how real Bento looks like, I never cease to admire her bentos :o)

Today I got my lovely prize, this cute set of sauce bottles.

People at work wonder on my cute breakfasts, now they'll be cutest! Thanks Pikko!!!

Also entered a cross stitch giveaway at Julie's blog and won a copy of "Cross Stitch Crazy". I know I'll get it soon! Thanks Julie!!!

And on the Blogoversary front, VinGirl's cross stitch prize went on the mail on february 19th. Still need Barbara's mailing address. I mixed up the second prizes and sent Terry a crochet second prize instead of the cross stitch one. She's such a darling person! Told me not to worry about it. Just told me she got it on Saturday, and her 3yo granddaugther wants to share the flower, isn't she cute?

I had to put up again the crochet second prize, belonging to Anastasia, sent it past week. This time tried a different dishcloth, instead of the flower did a star, a free pattern Cindy kindly offered on her blog. Matched the colors of the yarn, so Anastasia I hope you like pink!

Until next time! Happy crafting!


RecycleCindy said...

Your star dishcloth is so pretty. I love the colors you chose to use. Very lovely. Best wishes and happy crafting to you!

Terry N said...

Sandra you are so sweet! I was so suprised to get in the mail today the cross stitch prize. Big Hugs! You really didn't have to and thats what makes it so special.I can't wait to use them, just need to decide on which project Hehehe.The fabrics are so beautiful and the purple threads are gorgeous. Thank you so much! I will send pictures when I use them. Your friend in stitches of all kinds Terry