Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yarn and wire

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday.

I'm participating at the Bakers Dozen group at Ravelry, I'm scheduled for March 2011. For now and while I think about my preferences, making the squares for my partners is a lot of fun. Kati in the USA just got her square, the first I made. She gave us the freedom of choosing colors and pattern, she has a colorful poncho on her gallery, made for her daughter, that was my inspiration, the result is this piñata-like square:

Also made a few stitch markers, I'm experimenting with different colors and types of wire, hers are aluminum colored wire. To prevent them from getting damaged they were sent in this wooden box, hand painted by me also. Picture is not good enough but the butterfly wings are clear coated and sparkly:

Made some for knitting.

Also for crochet.

BTW I made a couple of those for Sue, in Malaysia. Wanted to do a fancy style, she's a gifted crocheter and knitter; sorry for the fuzzy picture, this is what she got:

And this is what starter the whole stitch markers fever:

These were made with copper wire, but Kathe took them to be chromed. Aren't they lovely? She calls them "your star product" lol Well, actually we have plans to set up a craft and art e-store. And yes, we'll have a wide variety of stitch markers...

Hope my partners at Dazzling Dozen Potholder swap, at Ravelry, get what I sent soon, I want to show you all those cute potholders!

Happy crafting!!!


Jules said...

Very colorful!

Annie said...

Pretty, colorful square. And your stitch markers are very clever. There's always a new idea with crafters!