Thursday, July 8, 2010


OMG! The mail seems to be a world apart, what are the rules or logic behind is unknown to me...

My package to Pirjo took TWO MONTHS!!! Sorry for the shouting, but isn't it unbelievable??? I was thinking it was lost for good. I was wondering who was enjoying a thing I made with such care for a friend, thinking what cruel heart could take a thing that was meant to cheer up someone else (yep, I'm a little dramatic, but don't forget I'm Venezuelan, we're kings and queens producing soap operas lol)

My apologies to all the postal workers around the world, I was just hurt because of my ignorance on the process. I was explained how it works from here and now can understand why it takes ages sometimes... We don't have a postal fleet, so the mail travels in commercial flights. Sometimes they stop over some country, the mail gets down at the airport to be checked and re-distributed to it's final destination... If only I knew that before.

Well, what I stitched for her was this small needleroll. Love this design, and when was deciding what to do with it, remembered I stitched for her a scissor case and fob on another exchange. To complete the set used same fabric and thread as before (love this thread, Japanese silk, and I know it's good because it's stitched it over a T-shirt that's washed weekly on the machine, it hasn't fade at all).

Until next time, stitches and hugs!!!