Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lizzie Kate on a bag

Hi there!!! Been absent, and still will take some time to get things settled. Had been peeking blogs from time to time, but have very little time and I've retrained to comment, so I can see more every time.

I'm in the process of moving. Had spent the last two months between boxes, packing and making arrangements, it's a long story, but I won't talk about it today...

On LK's round 4th, my present to Pirjo took too long, so I stitched a replacement and sent it the same day she received her first lol

Decided to do something she could actually use, and since were both teachers thought it would be nice to do a lunch sack. It turned out to be a lovely girly thing.

The lining is a bright pink washable nylon, almost waterproof.

To close it used a bright pink nylon cord. Had to finish the sewing by hand because my machine is not working (guess the carbon brushes need adjusting again).

And also made two tags with my new stamp set.

Got them at Addicted to rubber stamps. great quality and service. Take a peek, this was all I got:

And it came nicely packed in two cartons inside a rather big box, that prevented damage to the goodies. They were so thoughtful to add a gift rubber stamp in the shape of a heart, two paper samples and a few candies :0)

Just want to be all set and get back to work...


Annie said...

Cute bag! Funny about the mail delivery.

Looks like a lot of fun stamping goodies. I've never done anything with stamping. I can't look at this too closely or I'll be tempted and I just don't have any room for more stuff!

Mylene said...

Lovely piece you made for Pirjo. Glad to hear the first wasn't lost.

Your stamp set looks great! Enjoy!!

Goodluck with packing and the move.

Karen said...

Love the little bag! The design is perfect with that fabric. Loving the pink!!!

Ohhh...great stamping supplies too! Can't wait to see how you use your new stash.

Meari said...

Very cute bag!

PJ said...

How fun! makes me want to get some of mine out :)