Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Key organizer

Just when I was picking a design and fabric for the replacement, Melissa received my LK exchange for round 5. I stitched for her Bless our home, but instead of the silver bird house charm I used a golden birdie so it would match the holders.

I replaced the colors because the evenweave was mocha, and work backwards, first chose the backing fabric and then the colors to go with it :o)

The pictures are not good, but something has gotten into my camera, it's not working for at its best, hope Melissa posts a better picture.

Done a small progress on the BAM CAL 2010, will post pictures later, when all the squares for May are done. Until then, happy stitching!!!


Annie said...

It's great when the mail comes through at last, isn't it! A key rack is a such a cool idea and that one is very nice. I'll file that idea away to use at some point. I do have a framed piece with cup hooks on the bottom that holds measuring spoons an is on the wall of my kitchen. Similar idea.

Jules said...

Lovely finish!

I just hate when camera's get bugs! They are so hard to fix. Hopefully yours will turn out alright.

Karen said...

Cute idea! Great finish.

Mylene said...

Lovely piece you made for your partner.