Sunday, March 28, 2010

Summery slippers

I spent all day long crocheting these, well, actually all my spare time between cooking and cleaning, but it was worth, now I'm up to date on my 2010 Pair a month kal/cal group at Ravelry.

The pattern is nice and easy, 12 granny squares is all it takes for the pair, but I ended up with a size slightly larger than mine, and when I was testing them they fell out of my feet.

Another small detail: they have too many spaces, that's why they're more a summer piece than fo colder days. Still, I'm happy with them.

These next days I'll be crafting, no plans of going on trips. That's beside the religious duties, of course, but I'm happy to pick the cross stitch needles again. Goyo is happy because I'm around all day, he's enjoying himself on his very own private spa... lol

Have a blessed Holy Week!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour

Hi! Just a post to invite you all to join Earth hour today. Remember, from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm turn all lights off, let's spread awareness to take action on climate change.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Crochet necklace

Past 7th was Raisa's birthday, she's very devoted of the Virgin Mary, specially on her advocation of "La Rosa Mística" (The Mystical Rose). My sister Adriana made two medals of her with clay (something similar to fymo), I thought the would make such a good present for Raisa, but wanted to do part of it, so decided to crochet a necklace.

Using Marta's The white flower necklace as a base pattern, I did 2 more flowers (pink and yellow to match the Virgin's flowers) and put the medal on the white flower's center.

This is the result (sorry, my friend doesn't like to have her pictures on the internet, despite she does at facebook; instead of her wearing it, I'm the model this time...)

Isn't it cute?

Happy crafting week friends!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Still one class to finish, yet we are all tangled up in wire. I thought I was going to do one or two things but now I'm thinking of studying it at an art academy, even though I'm not the star student lol

Here is a sneak peak, I'm waiting to show all the things we made after the course is finished. Clara has a Mandala bracelet I fell in love with, tried to make one myself but got all confused with measurements and the assembly process, until I found Camille Sharon's video tutorial, then was able to do it. Thanks a bunch, Camille, knowledge is meant to be spread, God bless your generosity!

Instead of pictures I'll show you some videos, the things are collapsible and it's better to show it with movement...

The first one was made with colored wire, there wasn't enough so did just a part of it and turned it into a necklace, of course it caused sensation all around, people at work played all morning with it lol Please keep my secret, I wore it before the exhibition lol

The second one was the real deal, a Tibetan meditation mandala in all its glory. With some defects, such as some petals are not equal in size and the joints are too tight, it shouldn't be like it because it needs to be more flexible. But I'm super delighted with it!

Did you like it? Well, now have to get back to work, want to do some memorabilia to give to the teacher and classmates this Saturday... Until then, happy bending!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm a winner too!!!

Hey there! I've been almost melting here. From cold to hoooot in no time. If I knew how to do the rain dance, I bet you'll see me jumping and hoping around lol Well, I try to see the lighter side of it, but truth is that we're facing this dramatic weather change and the lack of rain means also problems with the electric power, since our major source comes from a hydroelectric plant. I'm trying to save as much power as I can and also been educating people about it.

Now to my winnings. You know how fond I am of bento, even though I'm not an expert, I like to play around with my food.

I've been following Pikko's blog for quite a while, and back in December she hosted a contest giveaway, and I won day 4!!! Visit it and know how real Bento looks like, I never cease to admire her bentos :o)

Today I got my lovely prize, this cute set of sauce bottles.

People at work wonder on my cute breakfasts, now they'll be cutest! Thanks Pikko!!!

Also entered a cross stitch giveaway at Julie's blog and won a copy of "Cross Stitch Crazy". I know I'll get it soon! Thanks Julie!!!

And on the Blogoversary front, VinGirl's cross stitch prize went on the mail on february 19th. Still need Barbara's mailing address. I mixed up the second prizes and sent Terry a crochet second prize instead of the cross stitch one. She's such a darling person! Told me not to worry about it. Just told me she got it on Saturday, and her 3yo granddaugther wants to share the flower, isn't she cute?

I had to put up again the crochet second prize, belonging to Anastasia, sent it past week. This time tried a different dishcloth, instead of the flower did a star, a free pattern Cindy kindly offered on her blog. Matched the colors of the yarn, so Anastasia I hope you like pink!

Until next time! Happy crafting!