Monday, August 30, 2010

Dazzling half dozen of artsy potholders.

Hello fellow crafters around the world. As I said, I'm in the process of moving. I'm already at the new place but still have to organize so many boxes and some furniture. Downsizing is stressing. Remember my craft room? Well, it's become a craft wall. I'll have to take a picture so you can see what I'm talking about.

For now I'll show you some things from the exchange front and a bit more.

I was July MoM at Dazzling Dozen Potholder Swap (Ravelry), we were a six month group. These are my Dazzling *half* Dozen Potholders:

From barbbowman, in Australia:

Love the happy face, it doesn't show well in the picture, but the blue is variegated.

From Margolin, in New Zealand:

Talk about cuteness, look at this tiny kiwi soap:

From WelshCrochetDiva, in Wales:

From ladytbird, in the USA:

The yarn is extremely soft, a blend of Alpaca and Silk, in periwinkle (couldn't get to show the real color with my camera). It came also with a pair of ladybug stitch markers.

From cazknit, in Australia:

She included a cookie that match the potholder, love that kind of details, how thoughtful is that!

Ok, that makes five, not six. I noticed, so join a CAL to complete the half dozen. I'm a member of the group, therefore I should send me a potholder. That's how Me-potholder was born.

The pattern is by Claudia Loman, she a lovely lady and talented crocheter. You can read all about the CAL here. And if you want to make one, pattern is here.

This tiny daisy was freeformed. I used pabilo, our traditional craft yarn.

Since I was making this one while recovering from the allergy (did I ever mention it? Ate fish and had a severe allergic reaction), my friend Ludys saw the first side and fell in love with the pattern, I asked for permission and she joined us. Here is her cute potholder, her cherries are also free formed.

And to end the post, this are some of the potholders I sent and are already at their new homes:

To cazknit:

I forgot to take a picture of the it finished. This was double sided and has a ring.

To WelshCrochetDiva:

To Margolin:

This picture shows the real colors, and the cute tag made with my new stamping set:

To barbbowman:

This one is one made with the African flower pattern. I gave it to Ludys.

Pheewee!!! I'm exhausted! That really was a bunch!!!

Check in in a couple of days, I have to show off my Lizzie Kate round 5 scissor pocket, from Melissa.

Happy crafting!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lizzie Kate on a bag

Hi there!!! Been absent, and still will take some time to get things settled. Had been peeking blogs from time to time, but have very little time and I've retrained to comment, so I can see more every time.

I'm in the process of moving. Had spent the last two months between boxes, packing and making arrangements, it's a long story, but I won't talk about it today...

On LK's round 4th, my present to Pirjo took too long, so I stitched a replacement and sent it the same day she received her first lol

Decided to do something she could actually use, and since were both teachers thought it would be nice to do a lunch sack. It turned out to be a lovely girly thing.

The lining is a bright pink washable nylon, almost waterproof.

To close it used a bright pink nylon cord. Had to finish the sewing by hand because my machine is not working (guess the carbon brushes need adjusting again).

And also made two tags with my new stamp set.

Got them at Addicted to rubber stamps. great quality and service. Take a peek, this was all I got:

And it came nicely packed in two cartons inside a rather big box, that prevented damage to the goodies. They were so thoughtful to add a gift rubber stamp in the shape of a heart, two paper samples and a few candies :0)

Just want to be all set and get back to work...