Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nathaly's pencil case

Hello! I'm happy to announce that Nathaly's pencil case is done. At first I thought it would take days to do the finishing, but as I went on sewing, I was more and more intrigue about the result and wanted to finish it right away. Process was a little painful, mainly because I have no real knowledge of the patchwork technique and this is my second piece on that style. There were so many decisions but it was more a common sense matter than expertise.

As I said before, the embroidery design is a freebie from Cinderberry stitches. Thanks for sharing it Natalie!

First, fabric choices. As you can imagine, pink is her favorite color, so it had to have some.

The strips and squares were cut, then sewn. That was tricky.

Next the zipper was attached, I followed Lou's tutorial. Thanks Lou, it was helpful! Wasn't very hard, but still I was biting my nails lol

Then it was sewn all around and twisted until... Tah-dah!!!

Picture has something on the middle, but it something with the camera, the embroidery does not look creased as you can see in the other pictures.

The backside was supposed to have squares in the different fabrics, but the joining the front was so tricky that I decided to leave it plain this time.

Cute, cute, cute. And I'm specially proud of the zipper, it came out neat :o)

Then it must had something to remind little Nathaly of her God-mothers love, I came up with this attachment made with fymo flowers, beads and a "made with love" charm.

Bet she'll be thrilled, but I seriously doubt she'll wait up until school starts again to use it lol

Happy crafting!!! Thanks for looking and for taking the time to post a comment, I love reading them all.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Embroidery experiments

Hi there! These days I'm feeling like embroidery. I know the stitches, meaning I know the names and have awesome books, magazines and internet tutorials are wonderful on that front. But one thing is knowing them and a completely different thing is to actually put them *looking good* on the fabric lol

Yesterday was a special day, my youngest god-daughter, six years old Nathaly, announced proudly that she had a test (she's a preschooler) and that she solve it all and got a great mark and so now she made it into the first grade hee hee She's a cutie, and her announcement was serious, so it deserved a reward and dear godmother (me) decided to do a patchwork embroidered pencil case. That's how experiment number one came to be.

I met a Portuguese woman who happened to be an embroiderer. She transferred the design to paper and placed it on the fabric, then did the embroidery and finally ripped off the paper. I said, piece of cake, I can do it too.

Used a few stitches: backstitch, whipped backstitch, running stitch, rope stitch and french knots. I liked it so much, it looked wonderful, until...

...the paper was ripped, now all the stitches are loose, yep, conclusion to my experiment is that a stitcher needs to consider the paper thickness, plus the fabric too, it is so thin!

I don't think is lost. Good old godmothers know a few tricks, so I'll grab my handbook and perform one. Hope I don't have to stitch it again. Anyways it looks childlike, and that's a look I wanted to achieve lol

On my next experiment I'll use fusible pellon to give the fabric more consistency and will draw the design directly onto the fabric.

The design is a freebie from Cinderberry stitches. Instead of Summer berries I wrote my god-daughter's name.

Happy stitching!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hi!!! I have a little time to stitch this week, someone got into the school past weekend and stole the 1st graders netbooks. They made a lot of damage because they went into the roof and broke walls to pass to the classrooms, they also stole the music console, microphones and a large loudspeaker. We are devastated. We were doing all the paperwork to report the burglary and have the replacements. Good news is that we have a new food provider and the owner gave us a fridge and he will supply food for us to cook at school. Great news considering the one we had was giving only bread like food (no fruits or proteins on the menu). Kids are happy, we are too!

Here's the small progress on my Angel's blessings:

A long while ago I stitched a kitchen towel with a delightful Jeremiah Junction design. Always wanted to stitch one for me, now that I have a new place, my sister Adriana gave me the towel as a house warming present. Just have finished a heart but my ADD is over the top these days, despite the size of the heart I had to frog it about three times.

Love the colors and the simplicity of it.

We're a month and two weeks away from summer vacation... Already have a lot of craft wise plans to spend my Holiday.

Happy stitching!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nothing but us

Hello fellow crafters around the world. This is the result from my crafty weekend...

A small design from L'R de rien, Rien que nous, which can be translated as Nothing but us. Just wanted to stitch something small and cute, sort of romantic, this piece was perfect for my mood. Also have a few Tralala qeued, they are so charming!

The fabric was a whimsy of mine, wanted to stitch on gingham linen and Susie sent it all over from Peru, it was on my stash waiting to be stitched. I think is a wonderful choice for the design.Enlace

The question was what to do with it as I wanted it to be always on display. Then some idea came to my head, what about a door hanger? The craft room was the perfect door to display it.

The backing fabric is one of my favorites, just love the color and the simple design. Of course it must had have an elegant trimming, chose this gray-beige one and a gray sheer ribbon for the finishing touches. Wish I had cute pins though, bet a heart would have looked wonderful.

I'm more than happy with the results, and all was stitched without reading glasses!!!

A new big project has started, the cute Angel inspired by Annie. She stitched it as a birth record, but mine will be a cushion, just like it appears on the magazine. Small progress, the border has so many color changes! I'm happy to have all the threads, wouldn't know how to make substitutions lol

But the happiest announcement of all is that I finally managed to finish two long overdue PIF's. They will be going on the mail this week, I hope the girls like it as much as I do. Don't know why it took me so long, but as my friend Sara always say "it's never late when the joy arrives".

I'm so glad to be back to painting with threads! Have a happy week!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Back on the road again

I found this piece missing in the trunk of memories... Funny and meaningful now that I'm back to having my own place, with a craft room and some time to stitch. I'm back on the road in two ways...

Never showed it completed, think I kept it away because it was something that brought some painful memories, I was working on it and had it with me when ipod #1 was stolen from me, when I was robbed.

All it needed was to pull out the gridding threads and to be signed.

Time to let the past go and stick to the good memories. I remember being so happy because it was my first SAL, I was able to gather all the threads, even the multicolored ones, those were bought on line and had to wait for them to stitch the roof and the grass from part one. It was so exciting!

Look at it in all it's splendor...

It was meant to be a bag but I'm not so sure now. Maybe it'll be a cushion.I just love how it looks and it's fueling me to work on cross stitch again.

Happy stitching!!!