Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Embroidery experiments

Hi there! These days I'm feeling like embroidery. I know the stitches, meaning I know the names and have awesome books, magazines and internet tutorials are wonderful on that front. But one thing is knowing them and a completely different thing is to actually put them *looking good* on the fabric lol

Yesterday was a special day, my youngest god-daughter, six years old Nathaly, announced proudly that she had a test (she's a preschooler) and that she solve it all and got a great mark and so now she made it into the first grade hee hee She's a cutie, and her announcement was serious, so it deserved a reward and dear godmother (me) decided to do a patchwork embroidered pencil case. That's how experiment number one came to be.

I met a Portuguese woman who happened to be an embroiderer. She transferred the design to paper and placed it on the fabric, then did the embroidery and finally ripped off the paper. I said, piece of cake, I can do it too.

Used a few stitches: backstitch, whipped backstitch, running stitch, rope stitch and french knots. I liked it so much, it looked wonderful, until...

...the paper was ripped, now all the stitches are loose, yep, conclusion to my experiment is that a stitcher needs to consider the paper thickness, plus the fabric too, it is so thin!

I don't think is lost. Good old godmothers know a few tricks, so I'll grab my handbook and perform one. Hope I don't have to stitch it again. Anyways it looks childlike, and that's a look I wanted to achieve lol

On my next experiment I'll use fusible pellon to give the fabric more consistency and will draw the design directly onto the fabric.

The design is a freebie from Cinderberry stitches. Instead of Summer berries I wrote my god-daughter's name.

Happy stitching!!!


Olive said...

What a wonderful reward for your god-daughter! I hope you are able to fix it with minimal frustration. I really love the design!

Annie said...

Beautiful stitching! I think the stitching through paper really only works on very small designs. I used to use it on those little doll faces. I've found that a water soluble transfer pen works best. You can make mistakes in the tracing and they just wash out!

Wendy said...

Oh no, what a shame! Your embroidering was so lovely, though you could rescue it yet!

I always use a fade away pen for stitching, I wouldn't use paper over the top of the fabric.

Sandra said...

Thanks for the comments! I will try to find one of those pens here. Seems like the bets choice.

Annette B said...

Love it. If you use an fine iron on stabiliser you can just stitch and not have to rip out anything. I am enjoying stitcheries lately too. There are some great patterns about.