Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nothing but us

Hello fellow crafters around the world. This is the result from my crafty weekend...

A small design from L'R de rien, Rien que nous, which can be translated as Nothing but us. Just wanted to stitch something small and cute, sort of romantic, this piece was perfect for my mood. Also have a few Tralala qeued, they are so charming!

The fabric was a whimsy of mine, wanted to stitch on gingham linen and Susie sent it all over from Peru, it was on my stash waiting to be stitched. I think is a wonderful choice for the design.Enlace

The question was what to do with it as I wanted it to be always on display. Then some idea came to my head, what about a door hanger? The craft room was the perfect door to display it.

The backing fabric is one of my favorites, just love the color and the simple design. Of course it must had have an elegant trimming, chose this gray-beige one and a gray sheer ribbon for the finishing touches. Wish I had cute pins though, bet a heart would have looked wonderful.

I'm more than happy with the results, and all was stitched without reading glasses!!!

A new big project has started, the cute Angel inspired by Annie. She stitched it as a birth record, but mine will be a cushion, just like it appears on the magazine. Small progress, the border has so many color changes! I'm happy to have all the threads, wouldn't know how to make substitutions lol

But the happiest announcement of all is that I finally managed to finish two long overdue PIF's. They will be going on the mail this week, I hope the girls like it as much as I do. Don't know why it took me so long, but as my friend Sara always say "it's never late when the joy arrives".

I'm so glad to be back to painting with threads! Have a happy week!!!


Annette B said...

Looks great, love how you finished it.

Annie said...

That is really a gorgeous piece. I love L'R de rien designs. Perfect finishing!

Mylene said...

What a lovely design and you finished it perfectly as a door hanger. Great job!!

Meari said...

Nice finish!