Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hi!!! I have a little time to stitch this week, someone got into the school past weekend and stole the 1st graders netbooks. They made a lot of damage because they went into the roof and broke walls to pass to the classrooms, they also stole the music console, microphones and a large loudspeaker. We are devastated. We were doing all the paperwork to report the burglary and have the replacements. Good news is that we have a new food provider and the owner gave us a fridge and he will supply food for us to cook at school. Great news considering the one we had was giving only bread like food (no fruits or proteins on the menu). Kids are happy, we are too!

Here's the small progress on my Angel's blessings:

A long while ago I stitched a kitchen towel with a delightful Jeremiah Junction design. Always wanted to stitch one for me, now that I have a new place, my sister Adriana gave me the towel as a house warming present. Just have finished a heart but my ADD is over the top these days, despite the size of the heart I had to frog it about three times.

Love the colors and the simplicity of it.

We're a month and two weeks away from summer vacation... Already have a lot of craft wise plans to spend my Holiday.

Happy stitching!!!


Annie said...

Stealing from first graders is pretty low! Glad you at least have your new notebooks and a better food situation.

Good progress on the angel. It can be slow going with all that solid stitching area.

Love your towel. JJ designs are always so cute!

Annette B said...

I love the colours in Angel's blessing, they look so bright and cheerful, looking forward to seeing more.

Meari said...

Very cute towel, and your WIP looks really good.

First graders have netbooks???

Sandra said...

Thanks for the co0mments girls!

Yep, Meari, it's all part of the Canaima Project".

Olive said...

I'm sorry to hear about the break-in at the school. Great news about the new food provider!

I'm looking forward to seeing more of you Angel's Blessings project; I love the colours so far!

PJ said...

It's so bad when people damage and steal from SCHOOLs!!!! I just have to ask...when you stitch on a kitchen towel (which was beautiful..I agree that the simple look was great!) how do you cover your stitches? ...or no need too because your back is so neat? ;)(if you could answer in email that would be great as I don't usually 'follow comments' sorry...just too much for email volume :(