Monday, August 29, 2011

Long Overdue PIF

Hi fellow crafters! Hope those of you who where in the path of Hurricane Irene are safe and sound.

Thanks to all my followers, the count has climbed up to 70!!!

This is a small post to show the long overdue PIF to Nita, once it has finally reached destination. She loves yellow and butterflies. I used the butterflies on the fabric print to create a small chart. Then turned it into a pinkeep, I was inspired by many beautiful ones I saw here and there on your blogs.


Made a Peace card with the latest arrival from my *now closed* favorite stamps store. On top of it is a needle threader.

Here's a close up of the needle threader. Nita's is the one with the butterfly if my memory is correct, the other one went to Dawn. But you can't still peek on her PIF because it hasn't arrived yet.

It was a year and a half instead of a year, but guess she liked it anyway :) There was a bit of fabric and some chocolate in the package but I forgot to take a picture ;P

Happy crafting and stay safe!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back to school set.

Hi there! I was commissioned to make a personalized set for a second grader by her granny, my friend Sara. Her teacher wants the students to have personalized all their belongings, specially their place mats, big pencil cases (to hold the colored pencils) and a small pencil cases (for the pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener and small ruler).

She already had the big pencil case, her granny wanted me to embroider her name on it, but I told her that would ruin the plastic like material, so I made a small tag instead to attach it to the zipper.

Then the place mat, for when they have breakfast they have to use it to keep their places tidy.

And finally the small pencil case has a pretty beaded cord attached.

All of them are coordinated with the same backing fabric with butterflies and flowers in it, and the plain blue fabric is linen. All in blue, her favorite color.

The other commissioned pencil cases are not ready yet, been slow because of the summer cleaning.

On the reading front I finished eoght of the nine books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, still have to read farmer boy, left it to read at the end because it's not about her own life. And I'm listening to Memoir's of a Geisha while embroidering and cleaning. I't very interesting, though I already know the story.

Hope the weather is being nice to you all, we've had a few storms but nothing I can really complaint about, seeing how it is around the globe.

Happy crafting!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Coffee or tea anyone???

Hi! I've been busy with the pencil cases and some other small stuff I've been doing for friends kids back to school, such as personalized place mats, name tags for their back packs and pencil cases. But now I realize I moved in April and yet you haven't seen my new place.

Here it is:

Path way to the house, I live on the lower floor, that's the living room window:

The stair goes down to a backyard (not mine to use):

The gorgeous entrance door (I'm in love with it):

Here's the living room, friendship crazy quilt lies on the sofa:

The dinning room:

My Virgen de Guadalupe:

The small kitchen:

Beside the fridge is the service area:

The gorgeous view, there's a big squirrel living among those trees (beside all the birds lol):

There are bars in all the windows and the door, here in Venezuela we must have them. This place is nice and safe but there have been break in on some of the neighboring houses ever once on a while, so better safe than sorry even if they spoil the pretty views.

The hall between the bedroom and bathroom doors has a small "Saints display":

My bedroom:

View from it:

The craft room, which I wish could be turned to "Studio", but I'm into saving now, so it will have to stay like this for a long while:

The nice view:

And the small bathroom:

Now that I gave you the tour, what shall you drink, coffee or tea?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Baby book

Hello!!! Enjoying the summer? Here we have days of summer between tons of rain and storms. Today is cloudy again...

Past weekend was Camila's first birthday. She's an adorable cutie baby and gets along with me very well. Her grannie Mildred is a good friend of mine. Made two beanies for her when she was six months old. I was the only single person with no kids invited to her party, past Sunday. Well, that has to be an honor. For her present I wanted something simple but that she can enjoy. Came up with a baby book and a teddy.

This little bear is a freebie from Bunny hills designs. I added the padded heart and her name.

It all started with a bunch of pages in different colors.

For the outside used a cheery fabric that came from Fabric depot and some cute folded bias tape Sue sent me a while ago.

Camila likes pictures, real ones, no mere drawings, she often quarrels with Mildred for her purse pictures. So, using my computer, printed on transfer paper a few images to go with the vowels, and also the first pages with her own picture, her mom and dad and me holding her when she was "little" lol :)

That's very easy to use and I bet it'll last a while for her to touch, grab and taste, you know babies do that.

The letters are made from felt and each letter has a different stitch for attaching them to the book, and a different color to match the printed cotton in the page.

These two are my favorite. The whole idea behind it was an educational toy, she can get familiar with letters, colors and surfaces.

To end the post, good news, was invited to a textile expo next November :) During the summer break I'll be working on a few pieces to take there. One of them will be another baby book, just love how it turns out. Anyway my pieces are utilitarian art.

Tomorrow will be having a crafty afternoon with Jessica and Reina, we'll paint on wood. And Friday is my painting class. Remember the drawing workshop? It happens to be a complete painting course, we'll paint with acrylics, the drawing exercise was neat. I'll show you what we do.

Happy summer!!!