Sunday, March 27, 2011

My friendship crazy quilt

Here's my afghan. After much pondering, decided to go with pink, white or black were too much contrast or would disappear with darker and lighter squares. Pink is a color either present in some of the squares or a color that harmonizes (is that a word?) with the others, it also gives a sense of continuity through the whole blanket. The yarn has a feel similar to chenille, that is good because there's more texture and helps conceal the fact that not all the squares are the same size, plus is super soft.

Big part of the fun was reading what the ladies had to said about their choices. Let me share with you what they told me about their squares:

Sara made the square in her favorite color, the heart pattern is for Valentine's day, since I was February's MoM.

Katie sent two squares, what she told me about the pink and purple is that it represent her fun, high-spirited nature, while the granny pattern represents her traditional morals.

The blue and green square represents a girly pattern and a tomboy edge. That's because she loves to wear skirts and be feminine but she's also pretty handy with tools.

Lisa made this square with her own homespun yarn. The cream center is her first spinning and plying attempt, the lighter purple is also one of her first attempts while the darker purple is something she made this year. It's meaningful for her because is a reminder that she has come a long way and never gave up.

Edie's square reflect two passions of her: color purple and knitting. I thought it was cool she chose basket weave stitch, one of my favorite knitting stitches.

Kegan's square has a sun in the middle (she loves the sun), it represents her because of her colorful personality and she's complexly-simplistic.

Winter told me: "I chose acrylic to represent the lasting durability of friendship. It doesn’t wear out. Green is the color of the natural world I love, pink is for the girly side of me, and white displays the purity of my heart. The stitch pattern I picked because is has depth, complexity and is open like me."

This square is the first knitted item Ame made, she learned to knit at Ravelry, so that's special. Cool is also basket weave, my personal favorite.

This squares holds leftover yarn for the most special original projects Robin has worked on so far, like her blue scarf and her freeform skirt.

Victoria's square reflects her multi-craft focus and her love for cotton blends. It is part woven, part crochet. The brown part is a cotton-silk blend.

Linda's square resumes two passion of her, bargain shopping with her youngest daughter and her imagination. Usually she reads the pattern and make her own interpretation, that's how "Night in the forest" came to life.

Alyson says her square represents her current obsession with entrelac and knitting.

Well, now you know the whole story and I can cuddle in the afternoons watching TV, knitting, crocheting, cross stitching... All coming soon when I finally move (yep, twice in less than a year...)

Happy crafting!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Four more squares!

And that makes twelve. I can work on the layout and joining of my friendship crazy quilt.

Here they are:

From Victoria.
She used a mixed technique. The brown fiber is mixed with silk :D The card has a cute fairy in it.

From Robin:
Love how she combined the colors. The yarn is very soft to touch. She sent me a picture of her beautiful orchids.

From Linda:
She made a variation of a pattern she saw. The result is, as she calls it, "night in the forest", the spikes looks like trees, and since the yarn is navy blue, well, is midnight there.

She also sent a bright headband and some dried tarragon, picked from her own herb garden.

From Alyson:

The pattern is entrelac knitted stitch. It's an interesting stitch, but I find it hard. I'll try it someday in the future, for now I'm happy to have entrelac on my afghan.

She sent a skein of merino wool in lace weight (can't get that here), the color is blue-purple, just lovely.

Thanks ladies! You made a wonderful job!

Mom was helping me decide how to place the squares, I did something then she told me to change this and that. Had to listen, she's an interior designer and knows about color combinations better than I do. My next step is to decide how to join them, since there are so many colors thought that it could work better if I use different ones according to the adjoining squares instead of the same one for the whole afghan... Mom says pink will be a nice choice.

Happy stitching!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

A whole bunch of chicks

Hi fellow crafters around the world! I bet you are getting ready for Easter, so am I. Just love the springtime and the little delights it brings, flowers, butterflies, home made cookies, dyeing eggs, egg hunt... Though in Venezuela only a few people do egg hunt and such, I love to dye my eggs for Easter. My godson and goddaughters come to my house and there will be little treats to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.

This year I'm making egg cozies. CAL hosted by delights. She kindly shared the crocheted version of her chicken and duck cozies (knitted pattern at her blog) and all the hens in the hen house at Good things together group are working on this delightful little chicks.

The ladies have done a wonderful work so far, there are a lot of pretty chicks but also pigs, ducklings, a ladybug, two bunnies and plans for a sheep.

Of course I'm experimenting with the pattern, my yarn is pabilo and some multicolor cotton leftover I had. Have done a multicolor one (not too big, not too small, suitable for rather small eggs), a blue one knitted with one thread (too small), an orange one knitted with stockinette instead of garther (too big, but more likely because I knitted a few more rows at the head while listening to O' Pioneers by Willa Cather), two crocheted in lilac and green with two strands held together (just the right size). Will have to knit one with the directions as they are and in garther stitch so the body will have more density.

No more chatting, seems I got trapped at "Goldilocks" with chicks instead of bears lol Here they are:

Cocorocó hen.

The Rainbow chick family with Cocorocó.
The tiny baby, Understanding, he'll have his ornie attach tomorrow.

One of the twins, Love.

The older sister, Harmony, she's going under surgery tomorrow, needs a wire neck.

The latest addition, the other twin, Peace.
If you wonder how many more there will be, I can tell you so far have planned a bright pink one, no name yet, a yellow duckling, the adopted brother (only boy in the family, still with no name).

Until next time, happy crafting!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eight out of twelve

I'm in heaven! I have eight squares out of the twelve for the afghan. And it definitely should be plan C. No backgrounds, will tie them together , not sure what yarn yet but I think it better be a lighter color, or since it's a crazy quilt, different colors matching the squares... Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Here's what I got today:

From Ame:
Love how the basket weave looks on white, so elegant!

And here are the goodies, candy corn, one of my favs! Everything else, tasty and classy, the pear is a notebook, and the emery boards have Mary Englebreit's prints on them.

From Winter:
The picture doesn't make justice, the pattern is very intricate, has a gorgeous texture, the colors are lovely, very sweet!

From Kegan:

Love the colors! Ah, bet you knew I was going to say that, wonder why lol. The yarn is soft and silky.
And more goodies, jelly beans (yum!!!), two outstanding cards picturing Martin Luther King, Jr and Coretta Scott King, with inspirational quotes from them printed on the back. And the yo yo like figure it's an automatic measuring tape, very handy.

At this rate hopefully all my squares will be here within the next two weeks, then the decision will be arranging and the joining color...

Happy crafting!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My friendship crazy quilt...

... just more an afghan. It's my month, from February 10 the ladies at Bakers dozen (Ravelry), sent the squares they made for me. So far five of them had arrived, in four packages since one of them sent two.

This is a small preview. Have plans A, B (discarded) and C. Plan A is to stitch them on a withe background and embroider the names, places and something they said why the squares represent them, plan B was the same on a dark background, but tested the squares and that's not an option anymore. Plan C, and more likely to succeed, is to join them together as an afghan and do a digital scrapbook of the whole project. Guess that way I'll be able to keep more memories...

Whether A or C, here they are, along with the goodies they sent.

From Katie:

Blue and green, my favorite colors, pink and purple is so vibrant and cheery. It doesn't show well in the picture but the purplish tube is a chapstick holder (with a chapstick in it), strawberry bubble gum and my ever favorites, jelly beans :D

From Sara:

Picture shows the color less vibrant than it actually is. She chose a Valentine theme because February is my month :)

From Edie:

Lovely purple square in my favorite knitting stitch: basket weave. A lovely black and white squirrel card, two pattern leaflets (one with bags and hats, the other with a knitted hat I'm already casting on) and mint gum ;)

From Lisa:

I'm compelled to tell you about the yarn, but I won't yet. The tags are so cute and the stitch markers are very fancy :-)

Aren't they wonderful, each one unique in their own way, but can't tell much or I'll have nothing to say on the scrapbook album. Can't wait to get the others, bet some are already here but we are in the middle of Carnaval, will have to wait until Wednesday...

To end the post, this is my version (a very close twin) of Lucy's Birdie decoration, published in Attic24. Used my fancy Senso thread for the whole of it, and a 3,5 mm aluminum hook. Tried to shoot a good picture but my camera is not helping me, guess it needs broad day light lol

Anyway, the real deal is a cute little bird, makes me want to celebrate Christmas English style this year, hanging tons of colorful decorations and wearing paper crowns at Christmas breakfast... As seen on TV ;o)

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Hi there! I'm again working on the Dishcloths R Us CAL at Ravelry. Been working on a few extras as well like a set of long due coasters. All done with the stash Kim aka Blackhorse sent as a RAK past year. Peaches and creme and Sugar and creme are wonderful, too bad we don't get those here.

Here's February, more pictures at Dishcloths album.

This one is not exact to the pattern, apparently I'm closing my yo's, I knit in a mixed style, thought it was continental. Will appreciate if someone tells me what it is lol Video is here.

Heart lace washcloth, found here.

This one is a simple stockinette with garther stitch border dishcloth made for my brother and sister in law's fancy kitchen.

This is the lovely coaster, actually made four of those. Pattern is from Amber Hill and can be found here.

And to end the post some knit related wire stuff, a set of stitch markers which I actually kept. More at my Stitch markers album.

My next post will be about my new Friendship quilt. It's my month at Ravelry's bakers dozen. I asked the girls for something that they think represents them for some reason. So far I've received 5 squares, can't wait to show you all...

Happy crafting!!!