Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hi!!! Good news, my summer break began today. Still I have a few appointments with doctors and other stuff before I'm completely free to enjoy the summertime. Won't be traveling this year either :( and still have to make seven pencil cases; it's amazing, people see it and order at least one, but most folks have ordered more than one at a time :) Will have to put up an album on the side bar. Each new one has an improvement. Guess this will be a crafty summer.

An artist friend, Carmen, invited me to a drawing workshop tomorrow afternoon. I bought my drawing block and had to customize it. I always draw doodles, on small pieces of paper mostly, kids at school like them (and collect them lol) and one of my friends does too. Love to make them with repetitive patterns, well, I found out that is called a zentagle, and since lately I'm feeling like drawing and painting, made a research on the net to improve my skills on that front. Besides the zentangle blog linked, is a good site for tutorials, how-to's and ideas. Back to the workshop, since all blocks look the same, I turned the front around and made a zentagle with my initials on it.

The tricky thing was shading it, on the picture you can see there was just the S and the M a bit shaded.

Despite I didn't read anywhere about lighting it up, had to do it, seems to me wouldn't have been complete without it. Used a white wooden crayon for it.

My favorite patterns here are the vines over the M and the C.

On this side I like the C and the "tripoli". Found it on Zentangle blog.

Tripoli are the sort of triangles. But the distorted black and white squares look nice too. But I do have to work a lot on the shading, as it's the hardest part and yet the one that makes it look "alive".

Well, this was fun. Zentangling, as coloring Mandalas, has the virtue of bringing calmness. They also develop creativity and enhances the ability of focus on something.

Well, now back to my reading, Laura Ingalls Wilder's "The long winter", I'm on "After the storm" part, 18% read according to my Kindle. Gotta love tech stuff lol

Happy crafting everyone, thanks for taking time to read my rambling thoughts ;)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

First Crazy Quilt Block

Hi! It's been busy around here, finishing school year and the semester at the University means a lot of paper work. University is already out for summer break, hope they give me more teaching hours next semester, but it'll be hard since a lot of students (900) are graduating, that means 60 professors won't get back, let's see what happens. Anyway, as I said on a previous post, my small business is taking off, have to do another five embroidered pencil cases, just crocheted the cutest beanies for a soon to be new mom (she requested one exactly like Camila's) and have more projects planned.

My first CQ block is done, it'll be my own pencil case, hope to finish it soon, but business comes first lol Threading the needle was driving me crazy, so gathered some of my beading stuff and made a cute needle threader matching the colors of my favorite needlebook:

The CQ started with this blue linen:

Then cut several patches:

And sewn them in the fabric. I did something wrong because the patches were suppose to need no further sewing, mine did:

Then did the embellishing part, which was the best one:

Besides the decorative stitches, added beads, laces, torchon lace and a charm:

And my favorite is the spider's web with the itsy bitsy spider, often seen in Victorias quilts, apparently is a symbol that brings luck to the quilter:

This is how it looks now:

This was fun to do, but the back will be a plain cotton printed fabric, it has flowers, butterflies and dragon-flies. Not sure about the lining yet.

Have a whole suitcase filled with cotton printed fabrics, the plain colored ones are on a bucket and yet I feel like I will have to hunt for squares, stripes and dots when school vacation finally comes lol

Happy stitching!!! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More embroidery experiments

Hello! Nathaly's pencil case was a success at school, so two people ask me to make one for them (yep, school is a gold mine for my business lol).

Dubrazka wants the same design. Yet I don't know if she wants her name on it, but the embroidery part is ready, this time I got it right and traced the design directly onto the fabric, and used fusible pelon on the back to make the fabric easier to stitch and secure them.



Mary's one is ready, she loves angels, so this is a special one.


She wanted the same color scheme with the flowery print and the ghingham. The pattern is a quilting freebie from Country cupboard. Thanks for sharing it Fiona!


I added the flowers on the sleeves and French knots, also the herringbone stitch to mock the stockings. Couldn’t resist to add a lace on the bottom of the skirt.


I'm very pleased with it! The stitches look so neat I can hardly believe that it was all stitched by me lol

Of course it deserved a special embellishment on the zipper and a cute bookmark.




Happy crafting!

Commissioned crochet

Hi there! A few weeks ago I wore my ruana (or short Poncho) to school, one of my coworkers fell in love with it and told me to make one for her.

I told her to buy the yarn of her choice and that I would charge her just for my handwork. She got this colorful one.


I was ecstatic, to get paid for doing something I love! Well, I got on track immediately, took me four days to complete but it was worth.


Added a different edging because this is acrylic and not cotton so the shell didn’t look so good on it.


Of course, my happiness lies in thinking that my famous craft business is finally taking up. I thought a lot on how to present the product So it won’t raise the cost too much but still looks nice and be earth friendly packed. I came up with the idea of a simple white paper bag, made a pretty bookmarker and used it to close the bag.


The bookmark/tag was stamped with my favorite “Handmade because you’re worth it” wood mounted rubber stamp. On the front I used a simple clear stamp “Peace” plus a retro flower. Guess it matches well the ruana.



Clara wore it with an orange top tank and it raised praises all day long. Now I’ll be commissioned to make more of these because Clara’s sisters also want one for them (and believe me, she has a lot!).

Until next time. Happy stitching!