Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas presents, part one

Hello!!! I've been absent from cyber space for a while, taking care of the house, doing a few repairs and getting ready for Christmas has been time consuming. The walls are painted, the lamp is fixed, the craft room is tidy, the table is set and the tree is up. Now I'm having a good time crafting the Christmas presents, because it is nice to give a little something, but in this economy, well, let's say I've been thanking God for blessing me with crafty hands lol

My friends kept asking for caps for their kids, so I decided to make them some for Christmas, have two down and three more to go. They are ready in about an hour and a half, with the embellishment. Used DMC's Senso, like how it looks, the thread is soft and shiny, perfect for  little girls.

To the grown ups I went for practical stuff. With pabilo cotton made a few of Lucy's birdie decorations and hanged them to the handle of a cotton bag. Then folded it, used the birdie cord to hold it and voilà! A tuck away grocery bag! Needless to say that I felt so clever lol

I made some necklaces but I'm not sure I'll give them away. A friend ordered a set of 24 wire wrapped napkin rings, then I thought it would be such a pretty present for some of my friends,  as me they love to entertain, so I might make that instead. With a crocheted accent, they'll look pretty for sure ;)

Well, now I have to go, it's school night, only 16 days for Christmas break. But before I go, will show you the new additions to my family, my baby brother's twins! Yep, my first nephews or nieces (will know for sure in January 12th, but I dream with twin girls days before they told me they were expecting, so let's see if I'm right lol)

Happy crafting!!!