Thursday, November 15, 2012

ATC's received

Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing great. Just a small post. Today I received my ATC's from Good Things Together group. Take a peek

Aren't they wonderful?

Happy crafting!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

German's Angel

My little brother came to visit us from Houston after 16 years, that was in January. I was pleasantly surprised   when he told me: "I know what I want for a Christmas present this year, cross stitched ornaments for our Christmas tree".

Well, that's completely doable. Instead of choosing a pattern from any designer decided to make it more personal and make it all from scratch... I know, they're professionals and there are lots of gorgeous designs out there, but that adds to the meaning.

So I came up with this little, not so small, angel, I'm naming it German's angel, and I'm pleased to offer it as a complementary design for you all :)

It features three Hardanger stitches: Algerian eyelet, Kloster blocks and Dove's eye.

The fabric is 28 ct  white linen, the backing fabric is printed cotton. 

It still needs the finishing touches, but I've decided to wait a few days because I can't seem to make up my mind yet. 

Afterwards I'll release three more ornies, one for my sister in law and one for each twin. 

Happy stitching!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Christmas present ahead

Hello fellow crafters! I've been working on my bags and pencil cases among other commissions. Today I received a request from Dee, a dear friend I met @Ravelry, she asked for some recipes to use for her Christmas presents. I gave her my favorite three, two of which had become a tradition among friends and family, cookies and molded sugar, the third one is a skill I learned this year, bonbons and will upgrade  the presents this year.

I made a pdf so it can be shared easily, here it is. Feel free to use the recipes either to make presents or to raise a little extra money, just enjoy!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Extreme makeover

One of my first purchases when I went to live on my own was a director's chair, in navy blue, everything on my home was blue and white. Well, the thing became a treasured possession, but the navy canvas saw better days. So I decided to replace it, not with blue...

...but with a colorful canvas.

Here's how it looks now. Loud, but I like it and it matches the rest of my home. Have it on the kitchen since I have a table there but no stools.

Making the replacement seat was a piece of cake, because sewing on the machine is easy when it comes to straight lines, but curves? Well, that's another story. These teddy bears are for my nieces, the famous twins,  though I ended up hand sewing them, you can see the ears are all uneven. Auntie Sandra works with special needs, those are special bears. I don't think the babies will mind when they're playing with them (most likely trying to eat them lol)  Pattern from Bunny Hill Designs.

These days had been cold. And I've been a bit anxious about the breast scan (next Thursday). Nothing better to get my mind off it than knitting a sort of shrug. More like a pair of sleeves. Got a ball of Bernat Mosaic in "Daydream", but it's only a hundred grams, so it was perfect for a scarf, of course I wanted something different. In an unprecedented experiment, grab my knitting needles and free formed this thing, I mean, shrug.

It's a tight fit but it does the trick. My arms are warm, the sleeves are not that long so I can do my dish washing without having them soaked.

And it's wide enough to keep the shoulders warm without the inconvenience of falling off like a regular shrug would.

Also does not cover the b**bs but that's OK because with all that fat in them I don't really need a warmer lol Good thing is that it can be worn also as a scarf.

That's today's report, I'll be busy with doctors appointments over the next few days, probably will be back to blogging next week.

Stay warm people!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Project bag finally arrived!!!

I was part of the Easy Peasy Project bag exchange at Ravelry, My partner, Mary, just got her bag today, after almost two months, and I mailed it Express! 

It was such a pleasant process, I got to do all i like: embroidery, sewing, wire wrapping and crocheting. To start I sketched a few ideas, armed with a pencil, note pad and a cuppa. Then draw the pattern parts on re-purposed paper. 

Cut the parts, embroidered the design (from Cinderberry Stitches) in a color scheme matching the fabric.

On the inside I  wanted pockets for Mary's notions, big ones on one side for the needles, she often uses both DPNs and Circulars, so made 3 large pockets, and three small ones for the tape measure, stitch markers, yarn needle... Also placed a magnetic button.

This is how it should look all stock up.

Then I crocheted a small African flower and added a few beads and a sun "made with a smile" charm to embellish the bag. Just a small whimsical detail that brings a smile.

One of the handles is shorter than the other, to close it tight and make everything safe inside.

I made a set of stitch markers, of course, matching colors.

And added a few things to complete the present.

Amazingly, the chocolate didn't melt, and we were certain it would be! More pictures at my sewing album. I'm happy she finally got, was heartbroken and even made a replacement, just in case.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Again, Back on the road

Hello fellow crafters! As said before, my plans for the vacation are all about crafting, so I made a list of UFO's and projects I want to make. It's a long list so it'll probably run until Christmas, or the next year, who knows lol

On the crochet front, I was trying to make sense of the shape in the Lionbrand CAL Afghan, finally did adding hexagons here and there. As for the size, well, three times this is what I want, but it all will depend on whether the yarn I have is enough for it, otherwise it'll be smaller, really don't want to buy any more yarn for it, but I will only if there's no other choice.

The Breezy summer cardigan is almost done, the body is ready and I'm working on the sleeves. 

But the best accomplishment of today was finishing a long UFO. My first SAL, "Back on the road again" by Barbara Ana and Helga Mandl. It's very dear to me because it was the first time I participated in a SAL and could gather all the materials, before that I used to substitute threads in a project. 

At first the idea was to frame it. Then thought  it was better to make something useful. Of course, it had to be a bag. Got some color coordinating cotton fabric, since blue is my favorite color and it has blue and white just as the triangles on the stitched design, that was the perfect choice for me.

On top of the design placed a pretty torchon like lace. Don't know the name for this kind of material.

It's a pocket, so it's backed with one of the matching fabrics.

Also made three large pockets on one side of the bag and four small ones on the other. This is what it looked like before it was sewn.

And after.

The lining is a 40 ct pale blue linen. It turned out as a rather monster bag, look at the size before sewing.

After sewing it's 17 inch (43 cm) by 14 and 3/4 inch (37,5 cm). Guess it'll make a nice travel bag, which it's actually very consistent with the motif.

But it has a flaw, can you guess??? Right! The handles are not sewn right.  I came up with three possible ways to carry it. Number one, with both handles on the shoulder, it gets ugly on the top.

Number two, passing one of the handles on top of the other. Easier to carry, but still looking ugly.

Number three, as a back pack, which I think isn't either practical nor safe.

Despite the error, I'm loving my pretty bag and can't wait to use it  :)

Happy crafting everyone!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Machine covers

Hello  fellow crafters out there!!! I'm happy that my beloved Necchi has been repaired. Well, not so much repaired as serviced, it only needed the carbon brushes to be changed. The technician was happy to work on it and the first thing he told me it that it was a wonderful machine and that it shouldn't ever occur to me to change it for a new one because that one is too old lol He was very helpful and told me what to do with every feature of my machine :)

It was time to turn in my mom's sewing machine. I wanted to make a final thank you present for her, besides the organized tin, new needle case, a few new bobbins and  a double needle... I made a cover, that turned out to be too small but miraculously fits my Necchi.

The second one is a tight fit, but at least will keep the dust out of it. 

And it has a pocket to hold the pedal foot and cable.

We have matching covers now :)

Since I've been staying home and I won't go out this vacation I treated myself with some sewing notions. A wonderful bobbin organizer, it holds 25 so I'll have to get 14 more to fill it, guess it won't be too hard since they're cheap. 

And stashing up all kinds of sewing threads on big format, to make it last longer.

I've also been experimenting with dehydrating, it's a healthier way to stock food. I posted on my food blog about it if you want to peek.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Shabby chic place mat, upgraded

Hello!!! I've been at home for two days waiting for the technician to come repair my beloved vintage Necchi Supernova Ultra, I think mom must be missing her sewing machine, though she has been a doll and haven't ask it back. He said he'll do his best to stop by today, but it's very probable tomorrow is the day. Well, as long as I have food in the fridge I don't complaint about have to sit here waiting lol

As a thank you present I'm stocking mom's notions tin. Got a double needle for her. She new and asked me to sew something so she would know how it worked. I made a long needed place mat to use at school (yep, know what you must be saying, so much time waiting for the holiday and still I'm thinking about school hee hee)

The thingy is made with cotton fabric, well, I'm sure it must have some poly in it, but let's say it's cotton mostly, that makes it washing machine safe. It's also reversible, but as you can see in the following pictures the double stitch shows on front, at the back side it leaves a neat effect, which would be neater if I could stitch in a straight line :P 

I put some ribbon on the side, you might be guessing what for...

You guessed right! So it can be kept neatly on the lunch bag.

I like that it doesn't twist, it rotates over itself looking nicely folded!

Love how it turn out! So girly and shabby chic! Now I have to get my own double needle ;)

Happy stitching!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Art Journaling

Hello fellow crafters around the globe! I'm happy!!! Today was the last day of school for this school year, now I'm on vacation until September 17th.

I spent my whole weekend researching on Art Journaling, a beautiful technique I was wanting to try. Taking a small step made a page, one single page, which will be led by others and then bind as a book. The subject: Art!

The fluorescent background is stamped with a foam meat tray, carved with a stylus. Toned it down a bit with white pastel chalk.

 Added some dimension with Glossy Royal Coat, by Plaid.

It has a feather stitch edge and some glow on the dark thread on the butterfly. Of course I used the stamps made with foam and the eraser.

Guess I'll have to be brave and experiment with new materials and techniques even if the results are not what I expect.

Happy crafting!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Ugly row counter

Just a small note to show my new crochet/knitting row counter. It's a beaded bracelet that has nine beads on each row and works like an abacus. It goes up only to 99 but if I ever want one that has up to the hundreds will make another one with three rows.

I didn't have eighteen beads all in the same shape and in two different colors which should had been the logic thing to do. Instead I used Millefiori cubes in two different sizes, they don't look so well together because one group of beads is significantly larger than the other. Anyway, I just tested it and it works well, it'll come handy when I'm on the bus crocheting, sometimes I even do that standing, so it's the best way to keep track of rows (which I often lose lol)

I bet it would be cool to make a child friendly version for their calculations... Another project on my vacation to-do list!

Happy crafting!