Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hi there!!! I've been playing around with paper, stamps and a new set of Stabilo88 markers. It was a present from SD pard Sandy O. I was ecstatic when I got them, those are fantastic, the ink flow is continuous, no bloats, no decrease, the lines thickness is neat. 

So I got a few things to make a thank you present for Sandy. Decided to do something practical for everyday use. Being inspired by some paper artwork on some blogs and sites, my choice was a note pad.

Here's what I did. Gather my materials and tools:

Colored and white card boards, printed scrapbook paper and ribbons.

Acid free stick glue, uhu all purpose glue and stamp pad.

Stamps and notepad.

My gorgeous Stabilo point 88 markers set :)

Sakura pigma micron black markers (different points: 005, 03, 05, 08...)

Eyelet punch, eyelets, eyelet setter.

Square flat magnet.

Then I grabbed a cuppa, got inspired and made this little thingie:

Stamped all the pages and colored them with the markers:

Some pages have also sentiments, and the back cover on the inside:

The front is decorated also with the eyelets and the ribbons and a small "Made with a smile" sun metal charm:

Just a little something, it will fly away next week towards its new owner, with a thank you card:

Thanks for visiting my blog!!! Happy crafting!


Annie said...

What a treasure trove of paper crafting supplies! Just the thing to get your creative juices flowing. Very cute little finishes.

Saw that we are reading the same book. They always say great minds think alike!

ISO 13485 Consultants said...
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