Friday, June 29, 2012

Project bag exchange received

Hello! Are you ready for the weekend? Well, I am., with 4 psycho-pedagogical reports to write, some other paper work for school I still plan to take some time to craft.

I received my package for the Easy Peasy Project Bag Exchange from Good Things Together group at Ravelry. My partner, Mary, made not one, but two drawstring project bags for me. The fabric she used is fun and cheery.

One of them came with a S.A.B.L.E. badge, I think its such a nice detail! And I had a Magnificent Seven moment reading it it came to my mind that "truer words were never spoken" LOL

She added some goodies, blank ATCs, a treat now that I'm making some for trading. Also cute vintage tags, a box of mini colors  and a gorgeous ATC series  "Garden escape". Thank you Mary! I'm happy with everything  :)

I already put them to use with two projects I'm determined to follow through. 

And since I had small drawstring bags, I used two of them, one for each bag to keep the notions (stitch markers, hooks, scissors...)

Well, hope to get to stitch a bit. Happy weekend!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Artist Trading Cards

Hello, hello!!! I've been sunk in paperwork. Evaluating kids, talking to the parents, meeting with teachers, doctors, psychologists... Just like any end of a school year. To relax I decided to experiment with something new, at Good Things Together group (Ravelry), Delights threw in the idea of making ATCs, so I just jumped in. 

So far have made only two series. But I'm very happy with the results. This is how I made it:

Using playing cards as a base, glued them to a   reusable kitchen paper towel, thought they would be best because of its absorbency. 

Then wet the towel with alcohol and placed colored paper and cardboard onto the surface
and ironed it. 

As you can see, I could still see the cards figures through the paper, not the effect I was looking for. 

With food coloring, added a lot of drops. But then it was too loud.

Used professional plaster to tone it down (yep, the one to fix the walls), also wanted to add some texture.

Afterwards they were sponged with a dab of chlorine, sorry, no picture of this step or the next one.

When they dried (about 36 hours later), used acrylics to add the details, dots, stripes, flowers, leaves and circles. 

A closer look:

The backside was made with opalina cardboard, it was wet with a sponge.

Placed the colored paper and ironed it. This time the subtle colors were perfect.

Using my stabilo88 colored markers (courtesy of pard Sandy, again, thank you) wrote the info.

Think I need to improve my calligraphy.

After making the first series, used the leftover acrylics to paint directly onto the cards and the second series were born :D

The dot in the center of the rose is the only texture it has.

And the backside, white gel pen over navy cardboard.

I really enjoyed  making these. My head is spinning with ideas for new series...

Happy crafting!ope you have a happy crafty weekend!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Hello fellow crafters! I'm happy to announce that I visited the eye doctor yesterday, apart from an allergy everything is fine with my eye sight, except for the fact that I'm having presbyopia... I told that to the lovely lady  sitting next to me at the doctor's waiting room (while waiting for the drops to have effect) and she said:- "That's impossible, you're just a child! How can you have presbyopia?", she got mute when I told her I'm 45!!! LOL Armed with my new glasses I'm planning to get back to cross stitch, crochet, knit, scrapbook... you name it ;)

At school I have a small closet to keep my educational resources such as toys, markers, modeling clay among other stuff, but containers to keep all that neatly organized had been an issue, so I'm trying to upcycle any that gets to my hands, like two empty plastic food containers:

Just a little bit of colored cardboard, a scissor, craft punchers, buttons, ribbons, glue, markers and imagination can turn it into a fanciful storage for small items. Look how they turned out:





I know cardboard is not very durable, but it'll be fun to replace the decor once this one gets dirty.

Happy crafting!!!