Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Hello again!!! As I said before my comadre Katiuska requested fifteen presents for my god-daughter Paola's teachers. She wanted 3 pencil cases and twelve key rings with Holy images in them, but also all fifteen had to have a few of my world famous cookies, and also be already wrapped and tagged with a "thank you card"... The client is always right so I did what she told me to.

Here are the pencil cases, all with "Gracias" (Thank you)  embroidered:

And these are the key rings, clockwise Mystic Rose, Divine Shepherdess, Virgin of Guadalupe  and  Caridad del Cobre.

The backsides:

Here are the yummy cookies:

My favorite are the hearts, dipped with dark and white chocolate!

And how they were presented:

All the presents wrapped up:

The tags are embossed:

Mission accomplished!!! My customer is happy, I'm happy, the recipients are happy... All is good!!! Happy crafting. Now back to my crocheted summer cardigan, I'm almost done with the back. 


Annie said...

That was a lot of work! And the gifts are just beautiful, right down to the wrapping and presentation. Looks like you are gradually getting this business ramped up!

Dorothée said...

My god ! What a production of sweeties !