Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Extreme makeover

One of my first purchases when I went to live on my own was a director's chair, in navy blue, everything on my home was blue and white. Well, the thing became a treasured possession, but the navy canvas saw better days. So I decided to replace it, not with blue...

...but with a colorful canvas.

Here's how it looks now. Loud, but I like it and it matches the rest of my home. Have it on the kitchen since I have a table there but no stools.

Making the replacement seat was a piece of cake, because sewing on the machine is easy when it comes to straight lines, but curves? Well, that's another story. These teddy bears are for my nieces, the famous twins,  though I ended up hand sewing them, you can see the ears are all uneven. Auntie Sandra works with special needs, those are special bears. I don't think the babies will mind when they're playing with them (most likely trying to eat them lol)  Pattern from Bunny Hill Designs.

These days had been cold. And I've been a bit anxious about the breast scan (next Thursday). Nothing better to get my mind off it than knitting a sort of shrug. More like a pair of sleeves. Got a ball of Bernat Mosaic in "Daydream", but it's only a hundred grams, so it was perfect for a scarf, of course I wanted something different. In an unprecedented experiment, grab my knitting needles and free formed this thing, I mean, shrug.

It's a tight fit but it does the trick. My arms are warm, the sleeves are not that long so I can do my dish washing without having them soaked.

And it's wide enough to keep the shoulders warm without the inconvenience of falling off like a regular shrug would.

Also does not cover the b**bs but that's OK because with all that fat in them I don't really need a warmer lol Good thing is that it can be worn also as a scarf.

That's today's report, I'll be busy with doctors appointments over the next few days, probably will be back to blogging next week.

Stay warm people!!!


Annie said...

Nice way to brighten up the room with that new chair cover!

I get that problem with curves and stuffing things perfectly. But your little guys look very lovable.

Cute and very creative shrug in a gorgeous yarn. Too pretty for washing dishes!

Hope everything goes well at the doc's.

Wendy said...

I hope everything goes well for you at the doctors. You've made some lovely things, I particularly love the soft toys!

PJ said...

What a cute snug ;)...yep, I have the same challenge! I love the idea of making your very own directors chair! Love seeing all your projects!

Meari said...

Congrats on your variety of finishes. Kudos on making your director's chair more you. :) Nice idea for the shrug. I agree, I don't think the babies are gonna care that the bears are a bit uneven. That's what makes them special!